Monthly Astrological Predictions

April 2020 Horoscopes

Important Dates: April 1, April Fools’ Day; the 8th, Passover begins at sundown; the 10th, Good Friday; 12th, Easter; the 16th, Passover ends; the 17th, Orthodox Good Friday; the 19th, Orthodox Easter and sun enters Taurus.


Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus.

Physical appearance of the nine planetary types:  Head and neck are short, face is broad and somewhat flat, strong chin, dark and large eyes, hair is usually dark, but can occasionally be blonde, lips are full, body is short, sturdy and can be plump (depending upon other planets in your chart).

Emotional Characteristics:  Contradictory in emotion, moods make definite statements concerning emotions impossible, amorous, gentle, loyal, domestic, proud, quick-tempered, self-indulgent, malicious and sensual.

Positive and Negative Mental Characteristics:  Positive: Cheerful, amicable, suave, friendly, poetical, artistic, pleasure-loving, affectionate and harmonious.  Negative:  Too sensual, vain, sentimental, dissolute, lazy, superficial, lustful, abandoned, gaudy and vulgar.

Spiritual Keywords:  Universal motion, the ebb and flow of the cosmos, attraction, and repulsion and the rhythm of the spheres.

Occupations:  Agriculturists, artists, musicians, actors, designers, dancers and dealers in clothing, confectioners, jewelers, servants and sculptors.

Anatomy: Venous circulation, throat, oral ducts, kidneys, ovaries, thymus gland, mouth, cheeks, internal reproductive system in general.

Countries ruled by Taurus: Ireland, Persia, Greek Archipelago, White Russia, Cyprus, Asia Minor.  Cities:  Dublin, Leipzig, Mantua and St. Louis.

Colors:   Most pastel shades as well as red-orange, yellow and cream.

Zodiac Gems and Semi-Precious Stones:  Moss agate, coral, alabaster, emerald, jade and lapis lazuli.

ARIES – March 20 – April 18 

There is a lot of activity in your career. You may be thinking of changing professions and going in another direction.  Home-based business, self-employed, consultant work all come to mind.  It seems you just feel as if this is a good time to make the change since you have been dissatisfied for some time now.  Luck will be coming to you anytime you make a change this month since Jupiter (the best luck planet) is protecting you.  You feel exhausted, tired and unappreciated, not only at work but in other areas of life as well.  You need to figure out what best suits your life at this time and start going in that new direction one day at a time.  Change is always difficult and filled with anxieties, but once you make your mind up about in which direction you wish to go, you will feel certain that you have waited too long to go onto your new path.

TAURUS – April 19 – May 19

Friends are of importance to you and it seems as if you will learn many karmic lessons from them.  The trick is to learn the lessons so that they will no longer be repeated.  You feel much more positive about your relationships, whether romantic or not, and are making decisions about them more confidently.  It is a great time to make a change in your appearance that you have been considering for a while now.  Maybe cutting or growing your hair, perhaps a different style or color.  Get a fresh and clean new makeover or get some new clothes that you have been tempted to purchase in the past.  You do not have to go overboard, and you can, of course, wait for sales, but you feel as if you need a brand-new look to go with your new attitudes and thoughts.  You seem to be more family-oriented now and may even want to have a special birthday celebration with family and friends or you may wish to celebrate a special occasion.  Thoughts of responsibilities and obligations make you work hard so that you can help out those who need it. 

GEMINI – May 20 – June 20

It seems all of your luck is coming from unusual or mysterious sources.  It may be from getting back into your spiritual, esoteric or metaphysical studies or practices; it may also be from others who want to repay you for all the good you have done for them (and of course, if you haven’t done any good for anyone, you will be repaid for that as well!).  It is very important to communicate well with loved ones and friends.  You may lose some friendships if you are not vigilant.  You may wish to start a new business or expand on your current one.  You are looking at life from a different perspective with fresh, new eyes and want more than you have had before.  You are being extremely active and trying to finish a million projects at once.  You may also be interested in getting into a romantic relationship if you are not already involved. If you are, you may need to light a small flame of excitement or adventure to get the relationship going in the right direction.  Fantasy or illusion/delusion can only make you change direction without cause.  Be realistic in all decisions. Creativity and artistic ability will help you relax, be able to make you think more clearly and be more productive.

CANCER – June 21 – July 21

On the whole, this month will be good for you.  It will give you a cosmic kick in the butt and get you going in the direction you should have been going a long time ago.  You will be more apt to change and listen to those who want the best for you.  Your career will be interesting since you are comfortable at your place of employment, but know that there must be something else better than what you already have. Relationships may be confusing.  Communication, couples’ counseling, and even trying to figure out if you really want to stay in that relationship with your partner will continue to be some of the thoughts on your mind. Study, formal education or go to lectures, seminars, workshops, and training which will be good to keep your mind focused on important areas of life.  Spirituality and religion will also keep you focused and grounded.  If life is trying to push you off of your path, perhaps looking at in which direction you will be heading is very important.

LEO – July 22 – August 21

Finances seem to improve.  Try to sell unneeded or unwanted items on eBay or Craigslist or just keep your bits and pieces for a spring garage sale.  You can give away anything that you wish to friends, family or charities, but some things may be worth much more to you and the money is needed at this time to pay off debts or get your finances under control.  You too may be tired of the same old rat race and want to do something completely different, but either you are unsure of what to do, or you are in the planning stages of seeing what makes sense for you.  Being active and ready to change once the opportunity represents itself, you are full of hope and promise for a brand-new future which will bring new possibilities to your lifestyle.  Jupiter is following you around, getting ready to give you a cosmic boost whenever you need it.  Your confidence is high and emotionally, you are on the top of your game; however, deciding when and if you want to go in a new direction is the key.

VIRGO – August 22 – September 21
Family issues can be confusing and upsetting at times, but only if you let them get to you.  If you are an observer instead of a participant in all of the chaos and craziness, then you will not be as easily affected.  There is much positive energy and opportunities coming to you, but you must be strong enough to take them or they will pass you by.  Be aware of your comments to others as you may say things without thinking and cause a real problem – especially at work.  You must also live in the now and not fantasize about the future, whether it will be much more positive or different.  Only you can make that happen, so if you are not happy with an area or areas of your life, then change them.  Only you can do this!  Creativity, whether it is in jewelry making, art, writing, singing, dancing or acting, seems to be what you must do to keep yourself level headed, grounded and secure.  You are so good in so many creative areas, but it seems as if time is running away from you and you are not working to your potential. 

LIBRA – September 22 – October 22

Homelife and career seem to be at odds with each other or you just don’t have time for either of them.  You are too scattered and exhausted.  You seem to be on a merry-go-round and you just never get the chance to get off.  Complete projects at home and at your place of employment.  Even if you do a little bit in each area every day, you will finish up in no time at all.  Being disappointed about a few areas of life now, you may wish to get up the courage you need to again make the appropriate changes, take that risk and move forward.  Sometimes you have to leave people behind so you can open up the path before you where you will meet others who will help you on your journey forward.  This is a great time to start accepting help from others.  You must limit your gestures of always being there for everyone because many times, your help goes unappreciated or it is just expected.  Pick and choose who gets your help so that the ones who receive it will be grateful for your assistance.

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 20
It is a time where you will have to determine which areas of life are worth your time and effort.  You may have to compromise, set more boundaries and limitations from others and handle the things that have been giving you the most trouble.  You are over-worked and have a great deal on your mind.  How will you get it all done?  Be kind to yourself and realize that everything takes time.  Deal with one issue at a time and then the positive energy will be attracted to you much more easily and life will move along more smoothly.  Leaving many projects open-ended will keep you from gaining the peace of mind that you seek. Use your creative mind to figure out ways of completing tasks and projects with friends and family.  You’ve always helped them and now it is appropriate that you ask for assistance in your hour of need.  Your family and friends will be happy to help you, especially since it will be a small thank you for all you’ve done for them.

SAGITTARIUS – November 21 – December 20

If things are blown out of proportion, do not get upset, just know that you have to calm down and understand what was actually being said or done. This is another example of not thinking before you speak. Your emotions seem to be taking a ride on a roller coaster these days and if someone says the wrong thing, watch out!  You go on the warpath.  However, there is so much going on in your life which is positive and going in the right direction.  You have a real sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem.  You are doing what you want to be doing and enjoying life to its fullest.  You are reconnecting with friends and making sure that you have plenty of time to spend with loved ones as well.  Traveling or getting out of a rut is your top priority.  Women in your life will bring you the greatest joy and yet may also bring you some heartache, so be very careful as to which energy you attract and accept.  Money continues to be spent freely, so budgeting a little more would ensure that you have what you need to survive and live comfortably.

CAPRICORN – December 21 – January 18

Health issues may be of concern.  If you are due for a health care checkup, do not procrastinate any longer.  Be sure to get whatever tests or meds you may need to be healthy and fit.  A new diet or exercise is also important.  If you are trying to lose weight, this would be the time to make a diet plan for yourself so that you can lose weight on a consistent basis without starving yourself.  Discussing important issues with loved ones will be vital to settling differences or hurt feelings.  You also may be thinking too much and may have some sleepless nights.  Career issues may be on your mind, but until you are certain in which direction you wish to go, do not take any chances with your future.  If you are looking for another job, be sure you have secured a job elsewhere before you give notice.  Be very cautious and do not take any chances so that you will be safe and accident-free.

AQUARIUS – January 19 – February 18

Change is all around you, but which changes do you want to bring into your life?  You seem to need a rest from your hectic job and you do need some downtime.  Otherwise, you tend to be everyone else’s therapist and don’t really discuss your issues with anyone.  At some point, you should discuss your concerns and issues with those closest to you. It is a fact that Aquarians don’t like to trouble others with their problems, but you’ve helped so many people…isn’t it time that they help you back for all you’ve done for them?  New beginnings and directions seem to be coming your way and the only question is, “Will you take them?”  This is a good time to look over your important papers including your will and living will to make sure that everything is exactly the way you would like it.  Being conscious of your budget is a good thing.  Don’t keep it wound up so tightly that you don’t have any money for any type of entertainment or fun.

PISCES – February 19 – March 17

So many adventures and so little time.  You have so much to do and you don’t seem to have the time to do them in.  Budgeting your time better would be a great thing for you to achieve your goals and dreams.  You can always ask others to help you to get to your goals in a timelier manner. You are thinking about so many things simultaneously that it is overwhelming.  Boil down your goals to just a few things, get them done and then you can be on to your next list of things to do.  Education or training seems important now, so don’t put it off if you know what you want to do.  Don’t let confusion or fear keep you from accomplishing everything that you want for your family and yourself.  This is a great time to freshen up your style with new makeup or innovative clothes.  Creativity is the key to unleashing your talents.  If this type of job doesn’t bring in the money, you can always do them part-time and keep your career which is allowing you to pay the bills.

Rev. Vikki Anderson has been a metaphysical teacher, writer, and lecturer for over 47 years.  She may be contacted at 570-215-4223 for a phone tarot and astrology reading, or Feng Shui consultation.  Please visit for more information or to order an astrological report!

March 2020 Horoscopes

Important Dates: March 8th, International Women’s Day and Daylight Savings Time begins, the 10th, Purim. And the 17th, St. Patrick’s Day.

Mars Ruler of Aries

Mars is the ancient God of War, who was also known as Aries.  This planet is yang in nature and it is the complement of Venus.  It is of masculine/positive polarity and has an outgoing nature.  Mars is a planet of energy, desire, and action.  It represents war or struggles within you or within a relationship.  This planet is closely associated with our physical energy and rules our animal essence. Some descriptive words of Mars’ energy are initiative, assertiveness, desire, aggressiveness, executive ability, impulsiveness, resistance, courage, adventurousness, rashness, (which may sometimes lead to accidents) and aggressive sexual love.

The symbol of Mars is essentially an inverted symbol for Venus (love, peace, and harmony).  It represents the cross of materiality with focused energy overriding the circle of spirit.

General Overview of Month:  March will have more energy than the two preceding months.  There will be much activity, learning, getting ahead in business and interesting partnerships.  There will also be a warm feeling of home, family and those close to you.  Good luck starts on the 10th when Mercury goes Direct and the rest of the month is retrograde free!  We finally get a break.

First Quarter0212 Gemini 4202:57 PM
Full Moon0919 Virgo 3701:48 PM
Last Quarter1626 Sagittarius 1605:34 AM
New Moon2404 Aries 1205:28 AM
Rx PlanetsMercury through the 9th and goes Direct on the 10th.
The sun will go into Aries on March 19.

ARIES – March 21 – April 19 ruled by Mars

Friendships, clubs, groups, associations or classes seem to give you the comfort you are looking for through meeting new people and finding exciting ways to express yourself.  You may be surprised by a few friendships ending and luckily new ones are starting as well.  You would welcome group projects. Career and friends are your priorities.  Being sure that you use a more compassionate tone of voice with those you are in contact with will go a long way in getting what you want.  Try to be a better listener so you can understand what the other person is really feeling or wanting. Your interest in getting outside and doing something fun after being thwarted by the winter weather is becoming a priority.  It’s almost as if you want to go out with friends and groups that you haven’t had time for in the past. You also would mind meeting some new friends to spice up the pot! There also seems to be many frustrations and limitations in home life that you wish to handle and change.  Relationships are going in a different direction.  You want to find people who can reciprocate your generosity and you want to start receiving instead of always being the giver.  Arians will learn many karmic lessons along the way, but once you realize that the only thing constant in life is change – you will be in a different mindset to attract new opportunities and embrace the fun in life.

TAURUS – April 20 – May 20 ruled by Venus

You are extremely sensitive now, so don’t take life too seriously, especially if others say something that may seem like an attack on your character or integrity.  It may have just been your perception.  Many issues are on your mind and you wish you could just make one good decision that will plan the rest of your life.  Family matters may escalate if you tell them things they don’t really want to know.  Be sure that everyone is on a “need to know” basis you’re your life will go much more smoothly. Your career seems to be doing very well with all of the changes going on around you.  You have seen to shine now, so keep doing whatever you are doing.  Be aware of someone who does not have your best interest at heart.  Stop any possible gossip immediately so it does not linger around the office. Dealing with many issues now keeps your mind racing in many directions. You may experience some insomnia, not because you are ill, but that left brain of yours thinks of too many scenarios and too many “what ifs.” You need to slow down, make a list and follow it.  You are too scattered at the present time.  Money seems to be an issue so careful budgeting makes sense now because it seems as if there will be many unusual or unexpected expenses in the weeks ahead.

GEMINI – May 21 – June 20 ruled by Mercury

What a great time to rediscover some of the old beliefs you may have forgotten or just didn’t have time for any longer.  Spirituality is your goal now to keep yourself centered and focused on the important things in your life.  This should be a very spiritual cycle for all Gems who have been having a difficult time in many areas.  Learn a new modality or philosophy.  Expand all of your horizons.  You have everything to gain now so be persistent and make a plan to get what you need and want in your life. You are like a sponge ready for all the information you can absorb.  Being open to everything will bring many new educational and personal opportunities. The eclipses have not been as positive as you would have liked so this is more as a time for planning, finishing up projects and chores, organizing, doing foundation work, changes in thinking processes and attracting new, positive energy. This is a time to study metaphysics and parapsychology as well as taking many new classes for recreation or additional formal education for employment purposes.  Creativity is your way out of this crazy energy.  Make something beautiful; spend time writing your life story, a blog or add something clever on to your Facebook page for all to share.  Do artwork or photography.  Get out and be creative and flexible and by doing that, you will start to change the vibrations around you to a more positive and loving nature.

CANCER – June 21 – July 22 ruled by the Moon

There may be a lot of changes going on in your home.  You want to make things very cozy and want to eliminate any clutter that has accumulated over the winter months.  This is an outstanding time for Cancerians to make some positive moves whether it is in business or school.  Seriously look at whatever it is that you were planning to do in the next few months.  You may want to shorten your timeframe if it seems right. What a great time for many opportunities to be presented to you and the good news is, no matter which opportunity you grab, it will be the right one for you.  Adversely, if you don’t grab onto opportunities, they will pass you by and never return.  You are thinking in a more fanciful way and can talk your way in and out of any situation, but don’t make this a habit.  Cancerians have luck on their side, but you are also super sensitive now.  Don’t take everything too personally; not everyone is out to get you.  Be prepared for partnership issues if your stubborn side rears its ugly head.  You are too good to let other people suffer for your insensitivity to their needs so be compassionate and loving when it is appropriate.  Love issues may be tricky now so just be a good listener and think about your responses before making it worse by being sarcastic or unsympathetic.

LEO – July 23 – August 22 ruled by the Sun

Communication is the key this month.  It’s all about your self-expression and thought processes.  This may also be a time in which you would like to take a few day trips or weekend getaways.  Be sure to include those you love in discussions about your plans and your thoughts.  There seem to be a few issues that are bothering you now.  Communication with family is the most important one.  Make sure they understand what you are saying and don’t assume that everyone is on the same page. Then there is balancing your budget and checkbook.  This is a great time to buy what you need and not what you want.  You may also want to sell things that are no longer needed on eBay or Craigslist, etc., to get some of the money you need to pay off debt or buy what you currently need.  A garage sale would also be a good idea when the weather gets warmer in the spring.  Also, you can donate items to a charity and get a tax receipt without all of the headaches of setting up and putting away your items from a garage sale.  Health improves as you take care of any medical issues with doctor visits, a better diet, and an exercise program.  People are interfering with your goals so some slight agitations occur.  Take a yoga class, go to a spa, relax and chill out a little.  As usual, you take things much too seriously and you need to just “let it go.”  In the scheme of things, is anything that important if it gets you ill?

VIRGO – August 23 – September 22 ruled by Mercury

It seems you are very interested in privacy, home comfort, and security now.  Your home is becoming a sacred space where you feel the troubles of the day just melt away.  Homelife has its issues, but all in all, things are going in a much better direction.  Good luck in the home is following you around.  Is it that you really need a romantic partner in your life? Partnerships seem to change, so if you are in a bad one, the energy is helping you make those tough decisions.  If you are not in one, you may find yourself dating more than usual and actually meet someone of substance that can be long term.  Do you want a change of residence or do you want to redecorate?  There is a lot going on in your life and you really need to be more determined and adamant than usual.  You need to follow your lists (and not just make them).  You should also stop being so easily upset and just see things with your stereotypical Virgo logic.  Once you handle things in this extremely detailed and focused way, things will get much easier.  Children and home life may not help you get what you need out of life at the moment, but there is a lot of good intention.  You are needed and loved, so if you can’t do everything that you want to do at this time, give it a longer time frame for your dreams and goals to come to fruition.

LIBRA – September 23 – October 22 ruled by Venus

Playful tendencies are shown more than usual.  You use talents you never thought you had and try many new things.  After not understanding why the last two years have really been difficult in many areas of life, you now are feeling the weight being lifted off of your shoulders.  The obstacles, concerns, issues, limitations, and responsibilities that you have carried alone for some time will now be shared with other family members or friends, or you will finally figure out a logical solution to your issues.  The procrastination in deciding your future has to stop.  You need to be more decisive in choosing the life path that is good for you.  You may feel somewhat depressed or unhappy from time to time until you adjust to the fact that this is a transitory period going from a negative to positive time and it may take a little while to adjust emotionally.  It will be gone before you know it, so just let it go.  You can be extremely sensitive now so try to toughen up and understand that most people don’t mean to be as sarcastic and offensive as they are, but before they know it, stupid things come out of their mouths.  Accept apologies so your life will be less traumatic. Partnerships can be disheartening, but you can listen to your partner’s concerns and try to be more patient and all will be fine.  Both of you need to work on your relationship.

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 21 ruled by Pluto

This month is all about wellness and nutrition.  It also highlights assistance you may give to others; however, make sure you have healthy boundaries or you will be overwhelmed with all the requests that are made of you. Love life is interesting now and things seem to be changing in a very positive direction.  You can get closer to the one you love and your whole relationship can go to a new level if you want it to. Your intimate relationship is really getting a blast of positive energy, so be sure you accept any overtures of romance and love from your partner.  You can be more romantic as well.  Both parties have to agree on what they really want and then work towards whichever changes you want to bring into the relationship.  Children can be involved in helping you make a good life for yourself so give them a chance to see what they have in store for you.  Family issues need to be taken care of and working together with your partner would be a blessing. Your ambition and drive make you a formidable challenge this month. You know what you want and you are trying to go after it.  Career is stable so whatever you do for a living will continue to bring in a salary and keep your finances balanced as long as you don’t go overboard on impulse buying.

SAGITTARIUS – November 22 – December 21 ruled Jupiter

Nutrition, diets, letting go of a few unwanted pounds seem to be on your mind.  Work-life is important now so be sure to give it your all.  This could be a time for promotions or getting more responsibilities for more money.  Taking care of your health is very important. Have you been trying to lose weight and exercise?  There is absolutely no energy in New Year to start your life over (unless January 1 is your birthday), so visualize and re-examine what you would like to bring into your life to make it easier than it has been. Your vitality is down and it may just be that you are trying to accomplish too much and not giving yourself enough rest and time to unwind. You may even be thinking in some negative terms and thinking that things just will not turn around for you, but they will.  Just give the universe a little time to process your requests and get ready to be happy and healthy in no time at all. You may be anxious about career issues so just try to do your job and be a bit more flexible when it comes to your work.  Of course, money needs to be looked into and you need to find ways of tightening your belt for the short term so that money will be there in the long term.  Downsizing is a good way to save money if that works for you.  There may be some changes in your workload, so be prepared for it by resting and eating properly.

CAPRICORN – December 22 – January 20 ruled by Saturn

March holds relationships in high regard, such as your marriage, intimate relationships, and business partnerships.  Be very honest about your feelings now.  Some contracts may have to be signed and there is a hint of divorce in the air for those who have been sitting on the fence for a long time about dissolving a partnership. Partnerships are changing and things may seem to be going in different directions than you had planned.  Stay focused on your romantic goals and love interests. Are the changes better for you and your partner?  Do things seem to be working out for the best?  Only you can judge what needs to be done and you are going to have to be the one to bring up any subject that feels uncomfortable or needs to be changed in a positive way. Love life is also a mystery.  One day it’s hot, the next day it’s cold.  People are getting fed up with this yo-yo energy around you, so make up your mind about what you really want to do and then just do it. Even though things seem very distressing, things will eventually calm down.  No one needs more drama in their lives so it may be time that you release the people who are always draining you and wanting you to help them out without giving you any reciprocal energy. You must be strong and learn how to say no.  Examples may be by telling them that tonight you are busy, you are on your way out to dinner, you are entertaining friends/family at your home or just ask if you may you call them next week when you have more time, etc.   Even though Pluto is bringing drama into your life, you will be triumphant in moving forward in the way you want to go.  If changes come to your workplace, do not fear new opportunities.  Welcome them.

AQUARIUS – January 21 – February 19 ruled by Uranus

March is all about releasing negative feelings and thoughts in your life.  With the spring will come many new beginnings so you should be ready for them.  This is a great time to get an additional formal education or attend lectures, seminars, workshops, etc., and listen to audiobooks or watch DVDs of movies, shows, and documentaries that you were not able to see in the past.  With all the running around, you need some downtime and you must take care of yourself.  See the doctor if it has been a long time since you had a physical and get peace of mind that everything is okay. Travel plans may be coming later in the year.  You want to get out of your humdrum routine and see exotic places or at the very least, just get away from your current surroundings.  This is also a good time to add creativity with the hope of relaxing to your otherwise very crazy life.  There will be lots of time for creating works of art, writing down important events in your life and even figuring out what the future has in store for you. There is a new road ahead of you filled with wonder, new beginnings, and wonderful possibilities.  When things hit a speed bump in life, it is time to take a leap of faith.  You will succeed in all that you do this month if you actually get out and do it.

PISCES – February 20 – March 20 ruled by Neptune

Time to focus on your goals, especially in business.  You may be asked to take some workshops or training for work; this will be a good thing to add to your resume so learn all you can.  Career is energized and you are focused on new beginnings on the job.  You may be called on to train someone or may get more responsibility for more money, so be as helpful as possible while setting some boundaries and limits of what you will and will not do.  Don’t be the proverbial doormat that you have allowed yourself to become by doing everything for everyone else and have no leftover time for yourself.  A new romance is always a possibility as well as continued luck and changes pushing you into a new life.  Others find you sexually attractive now so date the one who you intuitively feel is the right one for you.  You feel that you are more attractive and in shape and want to continue with improving yourself on so many levels, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. If you are holding onto a job or relationship just because “it is comfortable,” it is time for you to do something about it.  Stop living in a boring and routine life and take a stretch to see how life can help you get back into the ball game.  You are a wonderful creation of the universe and all of the issues and doubts that have been on the back shelf, need to be taken down, dealt with and cast aside.

Rev. Vikki Anderson has been a metaphysical teacher, writer, and lecturer for over 47 years.  She may be contacted at 570-215-4223 for a phone tarot and astrology reading, or Feng Shui consultation.  Please visit for more information or to order an astrological report!

February 2020 Horoscope

Important Dates:  February 14th, Valentine’s Day; the 25th, Mardi Gras and Shrove Tuesday; and the 26th, Ash Wednesday.

Winter Is Nearly Over…Hurry Up Spring!

I am not a big fan of winter. I don’t ski. I don’t go snowmobiling or sledding, nor do I involve myself in any snow related-activities. I hate the cold! I prefer the spring and fall when the temperatures are mild.  One of my favorite comedians, Lewis Black, said in one of his specials.  “Fall is great for about three days when the leaves change color and then after that, you have sticks for the remainder of the winter!”  There are a lot of sticks around here right now up in the Pocono Mountains.  However, the snow and/or ice that clings to them makes them seem alive somehow.

In Akashic Records and Metaphysical traditions, it is said that our soul has to learn how to experience becoming everything on this planet before becoming a human soul. Pets are supposed to be the most developed animal souls because they interact with humans. They are learning behaviors by how we treat them, so when they reincarnate, they will have some of the traits that their masters may have had.  This is also a process that takes many incarnations to be learned, but I digress. Trees too have souls in them. I wonder worry about them sometimes.  It has been proven that trees, plants, flowers, and most flora have reactions to certain stimuli, like cutting a leaf off of the branch or bush or perhaps cutting flowers for a vase.  So, I wonder throughout this harsh winter, how are the bare trees fairing?  Some are broken in half by the heavy ice.  Some are continually covered with snow.  Many have fallen over and seem dead and gone.  I wonder if the trees that are “dead” or “injured” in some way, continue to allow spirits to reside in them and is that part of the learning process.  I would assume the dead tree spirits go on their merry way to their next lesson, but what about trees that are cut down with only a stump is left, and what about damaged trees? Are the spirits still inside the tree or does the death or destruction of a tree coincide with the spirit moving on?  Maybe when I was a spirit in a tree, I was in the cold too long during a harsh winter or was up here in the Pocono Mountains and really started to hate the snow.  One never knows.  All I’m saying is, “Hurry up, spring,” with all the new life that will leap up around us to show us again that there is a cycle to life…life and death in trees seems similar to the human world. Be kind to your trees, for eventually they may be someone you will know or love!  

ARIES – March 21 – April 19

Now that the holidays are joining new organizations.  over, you seem to want to catch up on things you had to put on hold. Getting back to joining groups and organizations for your business or personal pleasure is a good idea.  It seems as if you will be meeting people who will be important to your well-being.  This is an invigorating time to start attracting additional friends and will want to start many new projects at work and at home. You are thinking about so many new exciting ways to change your life, especially what you should continue to do and perhaps what has to go or be altered in some way. Planned changes in business will help you move onward and upward.  Whether or not you stay with your present job, you will be successful.  Thinking from many perspectives at once, you are able to see what the outcomes of any scenario will be.  Your energy level is high and you seem to be doing too much at one time; be careful not to run yourself down which may affect your immune system or health in general.  Be sure to rest when appropriate and don’t take on too many things that others can help you with.  There is much luck, positive energy and great opportunities awaiting you if you decide to try something new; otherwise, things will stay exactly the same.

TAURUS – April 20 – May 20

Don’t try to keep your emotions pent up inside of you.  Depression may creep into your life from time to time, but life is going to get better and sometimes changes need to be made to push us into our next adventure in life.  It looks like a lot of things are changing in the way you think and feel about people and things that it may be an overwhelming time.  This also seems to be a very serious time in your life when you are thinking about your future direction and goals to make yourself happy and financially stable. You may be thinking from a philosophical or metaphysical point of view and may even take some classes to learn what this is all about. Your interest has been piqued in esoterica and your spirituality is going in a much stronger direction; that’s why your interest is so strong now.  There’s a possibility of a change in career, especially if you have been thinking about it for a long time.  If you are unhappy in your current position, perhaps it’s time to send out resumes and see what else is out there for you.  Be very careful about keeping your career on an even keel as it seems you will be getting upset easily so you will need to be more centered and focused within your goals.  Be open to change and a bit more flexible than usual and things will go more smoothly.

GEMINI – May 21 – June 20

New beginnings, new relationships, journeys, jobs, perhaps moving, and financial security are coming to you.  It will be like a breath of fresh air and you will be able to think in a more direct and positive way to decide what you really want to accomplish. There is much positive energy around you and outcomes couldn’t look brighter.  You sometimes feel as if you need to accomplish much in this lifetime on your own and you are so right.  You can do so many things and are talented in many areas; it would be wonderful if you could harness your energy to make life easier by condensing your workload and doing what makes you more money in a shorter amount of time or as the saying goes, “Working smarter and not harder.”  Making yourself a priority is important now.  Homelife is more satisfying whether you are alone or if you have a family. Divide up the household chores so you don’t have to do everything yourself even if they are not done to your specifications.  Children will learn and you will have more time to do what you need to do for yourself.

CANCER – June 21 – July 22

It seems dealing with finances and relatives will be your main interests.  Of course, perhaps planning short trips for a well-needed break from the winter is also possible. What a good time for making more money or acquiring it through investments, luck in the lottery, an inheritance or working hard and getting a promotion or more responsibility for more money.  You will continue to be very fortunate with financial stability.  Nothing makes you happier than having money in the bank and you will be able to save a bit more than usual.  Friends and associates may ask to borrow money, and it’s up to you whether or not you want to lend them money.   However, it doesn’t look like you’ll get any of it back.  Your romantic partner is still not on the same wavelength with you regarding money so another conversation is due.  Upsets and worrying can spoil the mood of your month, so find out what your exact issues are and deal with them one at a time until they are completed.   This is a transformational time for you to make yourself first in your life and having you not worry about everyone else.

LEO – July 23 – August 22

This is a wonderful time to get back into your artistic side, especially art and writing. Any hobby that makes you focus on yourself or gives you much-needed rest would be in your best interest.  Family and home life fall into place and you are ready to really get involved in your family’s interests, pastimes, and hobbies.  You talk a great deal to each other but now you are actually listening to one another.  You don’t have to be the caregiver alone any longer.  Share responsibilities and make sure you have enough time for yourself.  Classes, lectures, workshops, the spa, a massage, mani/pedi or anything else you feel like doing for yourself are important now.  You need to be pampered like you have pampered others.  If someone wants to do something for you, let them.  Smile and say, “Thank you,” instead of telling them that it’s okay because you’ll take care of it.  Some reciprocal energy was bound to find its way to you and now here it is.  Activity is mild; you have many plans, but just don’t seem to have the energy to do everything you want.  Prioritize and at least you’ll get some things done that are important.

VIRGO – August 23 – September 22

This is time to plan adventures and trips. You should get involved with many organizations that do the things you would like to do. It would be wonderful if they also had planned tours to either a country of your interest or a hobby class or lecture.  Romantic love, creativity and children seem to take up a good deal of your month.  Be careful not to fantasize about a romantic partner because (s)he may not be as perfect as you think.  If it is a new partner, be sure to ask family and friends’ opinions because you may not be seeing the real person. Emotions are high; you are also super sensitive now, so crying at the drop of a hat may be at hand.  Why?  Only you know.  You tend to make things worse than they truly are by worrying and being anxious over everything, so if you lighten up, you may immediately resolve some of your issues.  Money doesn’t seem to be your main concern as it is steady and you feel as if your life is secure.  Feeling as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders may be real or imagined.  Again, deal with reality and handle the things you have to and let other things go.

LIBRA – September 23 – October 22

You are trying to get back into the swing of things with diet, exercise, trying to perhaps be more organized and you are also working on your procrastination issues.  Health improves once you try to keep New Year’s resolutions about eating better and exercising.  Have a checkup at your health care professional if you have let them slip by.  This would be a good time to make sure everything is fine. You are scattered and frantic trying to get so many things done during the winter.  Don’t panic or drive yourself crazy.  Having a list of things to do is a fine start to getting things done, but it is not set in stone. Make time for yourself to rest, meditate, pray or veg out.  You have the right to watch TV or listen to self-help CDs.  Take a class or two so you can become relaxed and calm.  If you get overwhelmed, give yourself permission to rest.  You always tend to do too much, so take it easy from time to time.  Visit friends and have a gab session.  Talking over your problems with others may put them in perspective.  You do not always have to be the one who helps others; let others help you now.

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 21
This is a time where you will find simple pleasure in doing little things for others and you will appreciate what you have in life.  You will try to get so much pleasure in changing yourself or your habits a little bit a time when you realize the results of your efforts.  You may take a yoga or meditation class (or the like) as you are ready to absorb more knowledge.  Set some boundaries so that you are not being taken advantage of on a daily basis. If retired, you may find that life is getting rather boring; you may need a part-time job or something to do to pass away the time.  Leisure is great, but without making a contribution to life, one gets bored to tears. Otherwise, health issues should be addressed and do not just let this pain continue without dealing with it.  If it is something that needs to be taken care of, you are ahead of the game since you went to the doctor early so issues can be dealt with and resolved quickly.  Depression and worry take hold of you from time to time.  If you can’t do anything about the problem, just take one day at a time. If you can change it, then take positive action.  You need to think in a more constructive way giving yourself many options for your career, love life and financial future.

SAGITTARIUS – November 22 – December 21

Doing activities with others or going to family events will be a continuing theme this month. This is a month where you will always seem to have someone to do what you want to do for a change.  It also suggests marriage or having a serious, romantic partnership is on your mind. Romantic and business partnerships may not make as much sense as they used to.  You are re-evaluating your relationships and may come to an interesting conclusion.  Some may think that being single would be the way to go while others could not think of leaving a partner, so which option is for you?  You have much to accomplish now such as art, reading, dancing, singing, writing, poetry, a blog or pottery to name a few things that you may have an interest in.  This is such a creative period so what will you be creating?  Make time for yourself.  There is so much potential for you to be artistic and creative, so get those creative juices flowing and see what happens. The more you change, the more the energy around you will change for the better.  Choose which friends should remain in your life and get rid of the negative people who always bring you down.  You need to be surrounded by positive souls who want the best for you and who want nothing from you.

CAPRICORN – December 22 – January 20

You should be concentrating on cutting through any confusing situation and making decisions about important topics.  This is also a good time to understand new situations in business or a good time to promote your own business.  You can see through any business situation with a sense of intelligence and logic that many people do not possess. You also have the opportunity for formal education, lectures, seminars, workshops or training that may be planned for the future.  Long-distance travel does not look too promising at this time.  Financial security and abundance are your issues this month.  You are concerned that there may not be enough money for the future and it seems as if you are concerned out about it.  Be sensible and try to deal with your fears and worries and the situation at hand.  Drama unfolds as you worry yourself to distraction over nothing.  This is a great time to reconsider what it is that you really need in your life.  Thinking about so many opportunities will make you crazy, so only choose a few you can really accomplish within your time frame and let the others go.  You seem very sensitive and emotional now, even though you may not want to admit it, but just know that better days are coming and once you decide the direction you want to go, then the opportunities and choices will follow. It would be good if you concentrated on your self-esteem and self-confidence now as they could really use a boost.  Let others appreciate what you do for them and don’t let your family and friends continue to take advantage of your good nature.

AQUARIUS – January 21 – February 19

This seems to be a wonderful time for organizing your business goals and objectives.  You have the insight to change procedures for quicker results and will be noticed for your efforts.  Also, you seem to be re-examining your life and what you feel has to change to make your life run easier and without stress. Travel and career are important now, so plan whichever trip you want, but be sure you do not leave during your company’s busy season (budget season, new promotions, etc.).  It is up to you to set company standards so be sure you know the company’s policy and are very clear to help those under you adhere to the standards your company has set.  Career goals may be changing for the better.  Some may be getting a promotion and others may be leaving their comfortable position for a new job.  This is amazing news since taking that first step will help you move into your new world with many positive changes that will make you feel wonderful.  Dealing with finances is still tricky, but you are doing well.  Keep that budget alive and well and your bank account will be the same.  Don’t let depression take over your life from past experiences and events.  The past is gone and there is nothing you can do to change it.  You must live for today and the future.

PISCES – February 20 – March 20

Being very careful about what you say at work would be a good thing.  Don’t trust too many people because someone is trying to sabotage you and make you look like a lazy or untrustworthy employee.  Just be aware that others may want to get you into trouble with your boss or company.  Think before you speak to others and try hard not to be too super sensitive since others will find that a weakness in your character and prey upon it.   However, if you are in a creative field, this is the time for you to shine.  You may just want to brush up on some hobbies that you haven’t worked on in a long time.  Thinking in a clear and concise way will help you figure out anything that needs to be decided. Don’t second guess yourself.  If you make a decision, stick with it.  Most times when you change your first decision, you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing.  Procrastination sets in and you are back into the negativity that kept you from making a decision in the first place.  Move forward, be strong and determined and you will get through any instances of worry, anxiety and confusion.


Rev. Vikki Anderson has been a metaphysical teacher, writer, and lecturer for over 47 years.  She may be contacted at 570-215-4223 for a phone tarot and astrology reading, or Feng Shui consultation.  See for more information.

by Vikki Anderson  

Have you ever noticed that when you are on vacation or just traveling through a particular state, you can be more relaxed, creative, and your energy is renewed? There is a calmness or unexplicable peace surrounding you. Sometimes you feel one with the environment (nature) and other times no matter how many good times you had, you are glad to get back home. Another indication of a good state for you (while on vacation) is to see if problems occur when you are there. I have one friend who goes on vacation to a particular state each year and gets injured playing golf, falling off curbs and breaking bones or the weather is horrendous for the week of her vacation. These are simple clues to help you decide that this particular area may not be for suitable to your vibrations, you and your well-being.

In doing astrology over the years, I have rarely met anyone who takes state sun signs into account. Knowing what sun sign an individual state is can help improve peoples’ lives, mental outlook and prosperity. In many cases moving across country, or just to another state, helps an individual dramatically change his/her life; however, this is not necessarily the case all of the time because someone may have chosen a state in the same sun sign of the state they had just left without knowing it. Or they may move to a state that squares or opposes their sun sign and this would create more obstacles and challenges for them to overcome than the original state they had recently left.

When moving to another state, the chart changes; planets that were restrictive or causing too much conflict may move into another house in the chart and ease that area of life that was causing the anxiety or worry. An ascendant may be changed a few degrees or into a totally different sign which would allow the person to perhaps handle situations in a more calm, logical or creative manner than before. There are so many possibilities and I have seen dramatic differences in my clients’ lives that I know it works.

The easiest way I have found for people to know if they are living in their “perfect” state has been to live in a state that has your sun sign. Being a Gemini, it was no surprise that when I vacationed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I always had a wonderful time even if I had nothing specific to do. When one is in harmony with nature and the vibrational patterns in the environment around you, you are on the right path in your journey. This will lead to happiness, joy and contentment. One day in the future, I may even move to South Carolina because I feel so at home when I am there.

However, if you are planning to move and do not think you would like the states listed in your sun sign; you may always pick a trine state. For instance, in the chart below, if you are a water sign, let’s say Scorpio, your trine states would be in Cancer or Pisces. In turn, if you are a Pisces, your trine signs would be Cancer and Scorpio as indicated in the chart. Trine signs are the same element as your sun sign. You would also get along very well with these particular zodiac sun signs. Squares are three sips from your sun sign in either direction and oppositions are the signs exactly opposite or 180 degrees from your sign. It would be best to stay away from making these particular states your home. An alphabetical listing of the states and their sun signs is listed below.

( are 180 degrees or six signs apart)

These signs oppose each other which means they are opposite each other – usually there is an attraction for a short period of time and then the differences surface and there will be less and less attraction afterwards.


States & Their Sun Signs

Alabama – SagittariusAlaska – Capricorn
Arizona – AquariusArkansas – Gemini
California – VirgoColorado – Leo
Connecticut – CapricornDelaware – Sagittarius
District of Columbia – SagittariusFlorida – Pisces
Georgia – CapricornHawaii – Leo
Idaho – CancerIllinois – Sagittarius
Indiana – SagittariusIowa – Capricorn
Kansas – AquariusKentucky – Gemini
Louisiana – TaurusMaine – Pisces
Maryland – TaurusMassachusetts – Aquarius
Michigan – AquariusMinnesota – Taurus
Mississippi – SagittariusMissouri – Leo
Montana – ScorpioNebraska – Pisces
Nevada – ScorpioNew Hampshire – Cancer
New Jersey – SagittariusNew Mexico – Capricorn
New York – LeoNorth Carolina – Scorpio
North Dakota – ScorpioOhio – Pisces
Oklahoma – ScorpioOregon – Aquarius
Pennsylvania – SagittariusRhode Island – Gemini
South Carolina – GeminiSouth Dakota – Scorpio
Tennessee – GeminiTexas – Capricorn
Utah – CapricornVermont – Pisces
Virginia – CancerWashington – Scorpio
West Virginia – GeminiWisconsin – Gemini
Wyoming – Cancer 

*There are no Aries or Libra States

(120 degrees apart)

Trines are the best aspect you can have. It is your same element, i.e., Fire, Earth, Air or Water. Whatever you are.


You would also never want to move to a state that would be in conflict with your natal sun. These aspects are called squares or oppositions. These sign would be listed as follows:

(90 degrees apart)

Squares are listed in each column, i.e., Aries squares Cancer, Cancer squares Libra, etc. Squares cause frustration and aggravation. It’s like hitting your head against a brick wall over and over again!


It would not be in your best interest to move to any of the states in the column which your sun sign appears. For instance, if you were a Leo, you would not want to move to a Taurus, Scorpio, or Aquarius state.

Copyright 2001-2019 by Vikki Anderson and  No part of this article can be used without mentioning the author’s name or website.

Important Dates:  New Year’s Day, the 1st; Lunar Eclipse, the 10th; and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the 20th.

Happy New Year to all!  As a yearly reminder, some of the dates for sun signs have changed.  This is because there are 365.25 days in the year.  Every four years, we make up that day in Leap Year. If you are a specific sun sign, you will remain your birth sign.  These dates are just for the current year and for those born within this year.

Words Are Powerful

As the new year begins, we should be mindful of all the words that come out of our mouths.  We should want to make the most positive statements or comments that we can.  Are your words positive or negative?  Are they encouraging or discouraging?  Do people like to talk to you because you are optimistic and you motivate them? Or do they hide from you because they know you are going to tell them another dreadful experience or story that will make them depressed for the rest of the day?  I’ve noticed, when I ask, “How are you today?”, most answer, “Not bad.”  I reply, “Does that mean good?”  Or they reply, “Hanging from a frayed cord.”  You are imbedding these thoughts into your subconscious so you will never feel as if life is giving you an equal break unless you are careful of what energies you surround yourself with.  “I can’t afford that,” or “I will never get that promotion,” etc., sets you up for failure. Gossip is never a good thing to repeat as well.  Did you ever say that someone was a pain in the neck or butt?  It’s been shown that people who say specific negative things over and over eventually get pains in those areas.  You can control a good part of your life and outcomes with positive thoughts and words.

As I learned in Silva Mind Method, it is recommended that you say, “I am getting better and better every day,” or “Never better,” when people ask how you are. As a hypnotherapist, I recommend saying positive affirmations throughout the day to counteract any negative words that are around you.  You can say, “I am relaxed and confident and in full control of my life at all times.”  You can substitute my life for my health, my finances, my career, or any other thing you would like to replace it with. “Life is good and all situations will turn out in my best interest,” (or our best interest, if it’s a joint issue).  Also, as one of my teachers taught me in sixth grade, replace the word nice with other adjectives.  We were forbidden to use NICE when describing anything.  You will see how many new positive words you will come up with when this word is deleted from your vocabulary.

Words are important.  You can hurt someone’s feelings or you can uplift them.  Be cognizant of what you say to others.  Many years ago, a friend asked me if her butt looked big in the new pants outfit she was wearing?  I was always known for my truthfulness, so I answered, “Yes.”  I found out thirty years later, she never wore pants to work again because she didn’t want her butt to look big.  It was all because of a comment I made on her clothing!  I never realized what I had done.  Now, I always say that things look great, wonderful, lovely, original, etc., now as I will not hurt anyone else as much as I hurt her (and didn’t know it)!  Try not to criticize anyone because what goes around, comes around.  And as one of my favorite Cinderella movies quotes states, “Have courage and be kind.”

*My resource for all the information usually here will now be just the information provided below.  The author has retired and will not be printing the planets’ positions or the planets seen in the AM or PM.

First Quarter0210 Aries 1511:45 PM
Lunar Eclipse/ Full Moon1020 Cancer 0002:21 PM
Last Quarter1726 Libra 5207:58 AM
New Moon2404 Aquarius 2204:42 PM
RetrogradesUranus Rx in Capricorn until the 11th.
The sun will go into Aquarius on January 20th.

ARIES – March 21 – April 19

New ambitions, dreams, aspirations, and goals are in your future and what better time is there than now in the New Year?  This is a year that you shine.  Whatever you wanted to do but weren’t able to do it last year for whatever reason, reconsider trying it again.  This is a time where your self-confidence is high and you will welcome any challenge.  Deal with issues in relationships (personal or business) before they get out of hand.  Try to be a bit more flexible when defending your point of view.  You cannot always be right!  No one is.  Good luck is coming to you from all areas in life, so this would be a great time to take advantage of any help that is afforded you. Yes, you always help others, so maybe this is a time for payback of all the energy, help and support you have given others.  Think before you speak, and be sure that you let the other person air their points of view as well.  Being a natural leader, you will have a wonderful year doing so many delightful projects, chores or jobs, that you will even be surprised with your own accomplishments.

TAURUS – April 20 – May 20

Be sure to deal with any issues with friends as soon as you can or you may cause a rift that cannot be repaired.  Expect the unexpected now as this will be the norm this month, so be flexible and go with the flow so you may soar higher than you originally thought you could.  This may also be a time for many changes in all types of relationships.  You are being guided to have many more helpful people in your life.  Even if life gets you down here and there, be assured that the outcomes will be better than you envisioned.  You are thinking more about your future and what you really want to accomplish now.  You may also be thinking of changing careers or taking advanced college courses (or teaching them) because you have the need to know information.  So many changes are happening this year to you that you hadn’t expected, but they will all be good.  Jupiter is showering its blessings on you and wants you to succeed in everything you do, so be creative and start on the road of creativity and innovation.  You can do it.

GEMINI – May 21 – June 20

Perhaps there will be some buyer’s remorse when you receive your credit card bills this month. You’re not sure where all the expenses came from.  You seem to have been too generous with others, and you may have gone overboard in gift-giving and giving to charities, especially animal-related charities. This month is about consolidating debt, and not to be too depressed about your finances. With a budget or a plan of action, you will be able to get this debt under control in no time. Family members (or close friends) will try to lecture you on how to be economically frugal, but your generous nature can’t reconcile frugality with gift-giving.  There are many websites that offer items at drastic discounts, but you also may talk to friends and some family members about putting a limit on your gift-giving so everyone will be on the same page. Perhaps just give gifts to the children in your family so you’ll be saving on adult presents for birthdays or anniversaries, etc.  Getting closer to family and neighbors seems likely.  You are very gifted in many creative activities, so perhaps you can show others how to knit, crochet, paint, draw, sing, play music, etc., so the month will fly by and then you’ll realize you didn’t have to spend money to have fun.  Short distance travel (within states) will help you when you feel restless.  There is so much to see in every state, so take advantage of the historical sites, etc., near you.

CANCER – June 21 – July 22

You concentrate on your home after the holidays. You have waited to do some redecorating or accessorizing for the New Year.  Family issues may have you defending yourself for some ridiculous reason, but you want to start the new year right, so just listen and smile. You don’t have to agree or disagree, sometimes family just wants to be heard. Or you can say, “It’s possible,” and leave it at that.  They wouldn’t know if you agreed with them or not!  All in all, they feel as if they are giving you good advice because they care.  Acknowledge their concern and love for you.  You can’t always take care of everyone so let someone take care of you for a change.  You may wish to go out to explore nearby places of interest, restaurants, and museums.  You want to be active in this winter month, although staying home to catch up on reading or binge-watching your favorite DVR’d TV shows.  Health seems to be going along well, so just keep up the good work and just rest when it is required.  Don’t push yourself now.

LEO – July 23 – August 22

This is a time to reassess your friends, groups, and associations as well as your personal love life.  Are you staying in some relationships because it’s a habit? Or it would be easier to remain in the “group” or relationship because it’s so much easier than explaining why you feel you should leave?  This is a time for finding new love, romance, fun, and commitment so you can have a happier life without any of the excuses.  It’s not fair to the person you are staying with just because you feel you should stay with him/her.  Talk about it and then decide what you are going to do.  Joining some new groups that offer a variety of people to associate with maybe an opportune thing to do.  If you want to discover new things, make a list of what you would like to see and when.  Make a schedule.  You don’t have to do everything this month, but you will have a handle on everything you want to do this year and the timing of it so you don’t miss anything important.  You may not want to venture forth in the cold weather, but that’s ok.  Finish up on some house chores and projects that you didn’t have time to do in the months coming up to Christmas.  You will be happy you cleaned out closets, gave clothes to various charities, organized your home and environment so that new positive energy can flow into your home and life.

VIRGO – August 23 – September 22

Health is at the top of the list. Maybe changing your diet, exercise or working out in whichever way you feel is most beneficial to you will certainly help. There may be some tests or visits to see a friend/family member in the hospital.  Nothing to worry about. Worry is not something new to you; however, it should be limited and eventually stopped.  You are not helping yourself or anyone else with the negativity you are giving off by worrying about everything. Rehashing past loves, jobs, perhaps a fight or time you wished you did something different is not positive. Of course, listening to all your friends and family’s issues and concerns does not bring any positive energy to you, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.  Whenever you are told a secret, a problem or are around negativity, you seem to absorb it. You need to turn those negative or depressing thoughts into positive affirmations. You can do anything you want to do, as you are one of the most intelligent of all the signs. You can be so original and intuitive that this may be a time for you to enhance your abilities by taking metaphysical classes or studying on your own.  This is a time of self-exploration. There are so many possibilities, but the varied choices may keep you from taking a chance. You can’t make a decision.  Do something that is important to you and it will turn out just fine. Then positive energy can start attaching itself to you to attract other upbeat activities and encouraging behaviors from others.

LIBRA – September 23 – October 22

Relationships of all kinds seem to play an important role for you as the New Year starts.  Make sure all of your relationships, whether personal, business or pleasure, are good for you.  You may wish to plan a trip to a foreign shore when it is vacation time.  You have so many places you want to see and things you want to do that you should not hold yourself back any longer. A partner (romantic or friend) may wish to come with you.  Partners may act somewhat different than usual.  It can be anything from being overworked to mulling over a problem of a friend or colleague.  Don’t assume anything. Talking about any issues that are of concern for you should be discussed and dealt with. There may be a feeling of being detached in an important relationship. Whether it is you or your partner try to get to the bottom of this.  Nothing good will come of this unless it is discussed.  Your very airy mind will think all sorts of negative things that it could be when it will most likely be something very trivial.  Don’t take on burdens by yourself.  That’s why you are in a relationship so that your partner can help you whenever he/she can.  You’re in this together so act as a team. You should not take on any more responsibility.  You’ve done your share throughout the years.

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 21
You are aggressively trying to figure out how to keep most of your money and/or how it can work better for you.  You update all important papers; you just want to be prepared for anything that can happen without being surprised by something you didn’t do.  You are going to watch your budget, but don’t become miserly.  You have a good-hearted nature, so keep that alive.  Just cut down here and there and you will be fine. Buy what you need and not what you want at this time.  There may be new items that you want for your home or office, but you can always put those items on a list and wait until they go on sale.  Try not buying anything for one month, then it should be easier in future months.  There may be some contact with lawyers or perhaps there will be some sort of court case that you are attached to in some way. Leases and contracts require some lawyers and court can be nothing more than you contesting a speeding ticket.  Don’t get overly concerned about this.  Are you getting all your receipts and papers for the IRS consolidated?  Taxes may need to be paid soon.  Try to meet new people in church, book clubs, classes, and workshops.  You may meet some interesting people.

SAGITTARIUS – November 22 – December 21

You continue to go in many directions at once.  It would be a good thing if you could focus and make some concrete plans for your future.  Being very adept at so many things, you forget that others may not be able to keep up with you.  Perhaps a trip to a foreign country, or take a formal education course, (or lectures, seminars, workshops, and training) can only help you now.  You may be thinking too much about being a success at work and in your personal life.  You already are.  Sometimes you are too hard on yourself.  Philosophies and/or religion may be of particular interest now.  Metaphysics, spirituality, Ancient Alien Theories, and esoterica give you a lot of information to process, but you like the stimulation and you will have new things to talk about with family, friends and at get-togethers. Have an after-holiday party without the rush, pressure, and people you have to invite during the holidays.  You can always just have wine and cheese and crackers.  Make it an after-dinner party, so you know most people would have eaten.  You would love to entertain and it doesn’t have to be on a big budget.  You can ask everyone to bring a bottle of their favorite wine to cut down on the cost.  Getting out of the doldrums is just what you need.  Invite many different types of friends with different viewpoints, but be sure not to talk about politics which may be a disaster.  Put your mind towards anything you wish to do now because you have the energy and time to do it.

CAPRICORN – December 22 – January 20

Work, work, work!  You want to succeed, but give yourself some downtime where you can get a little bit of rest and relaxation.  May be a short weekend away with your partner or a date night would help you unwind. You are very detail-oriented, take pride in your work and want everything you do to be perfect and that may take its toll on you.  Not everyone needs as much perfection in their lives as you do, so don’t criticize others for not meeting your exceptionally high standards.  Ask what you can do to help them along on their assignment so it will truly be a team effort. You will then be well respected by colleagues because you will be a kind and caring employer or manager.  Spending too much time at work may put a strain on your home life. You must make time for your family, for they are wondering if they are less important to you than your job.  There is a lot of expansion in your life this year, so be sure to figure out what you need to expand:  friends, family time, job responsibilities, fun, education or travel, etc.  It may be that you want to expand a personal goal that no one else knows about.  This is the time to do it, so stop procrastinating and do something about it.  Stop thinking about it and make it a reality.                                   

AQUARIUS – January 21 – February 19

New friends and relationships come into your life this month.  Kind of go with the flow and see where it leads.  New people you meet may be able to add something that may have been missing in your life.  You’ll never know unless you try.  It seems as if love, harmony, peace and perhaps even a makeover (new makeup, new haircut or color, etc.) seems possible.  You would like to reinvent yourself a bit as you are taking on everyone else’s problems and trying to resolve them. You need to be adamant and do whatever it is you need to do in order to feel useful and constructive again. Maybe it’s time to help yourself.  Your life will be getting a bit quieter so this is a perfect time to add some enjoyment into your life with new hobbies, pastimes or diversions.  Relaxation is great, but you should push yourself out of your comfort zone. It might be a good time to join some clubs that have similar interests as you, or perhaps even some workgroups that may give you ideas for innovation and originality on the job, especially if it’s your business. You are thinking of so many things at once, but when you finally get your ideas prioritized, you will be amazed at how easily everything will come to you.  You will be accomplished in new disciplines and techniques to make your life, not only interesting but spectacular.

PISCES – February 20 – March 20

This is a very mystical time in your life. You are exploring new dimensions, new and interesting philosophies and esoterica.  Subconsciously, you want to know everything about so many subjects, but you must go slowly so that you understand the new information you are digesting.  You may also start seeing things through rose-colored glasses, so make sure you have a friend or family member confirm that what you are seeing/doing, etc., is real and not just some pipedream. Everything usually isn’t perfect, but no need to take unwarranted risks now.  See reality and recognize fantasy in your communications and transactions.   Small issues with your health may arise.  They will be minor issues, but you should see a healthcare provider to ensure you stay healthy. Perhaps a change in strength of meds or new meds may be prescribed by your doctor.  Try to do whatever is needed to keep your good health. Not a suitable time to travel, but it seems to be a good time to reunite the family in some way or help mend some hard feelings between them. Arguments may arise so you have to be able to bring a peaceful solution to the issue.  Being a peacemaker should be a full-time job for you because you are so good at it. LOL


Rev. Vikki Anderson has been a metaphysical teacher, writer, and lecturer for over 47 years.  She may be contacted at 570-215-4223 for a phone tarot and astrology reading, or in-person Feng Shui consultation.  See for more information.

December 2019 Horoscopes

Important Dates:  December 1, Advent Begins; the 21st, Yule; the 22nd, Hanukkah; the 25th, Christmas and the 26th Kwanzaa and The Solar Eclipse.


Winter is a time when the earth is in hibernation. The chi rests. Plants rest, trees rest and of course we rest and try to take it easy. The weather gets colder and snow blankets the earth and all looks peaceful and beautiful from the inside of our home. It’s a lovely time of the year, especially if you can stay inside!

We may have time to read that book that has been sitting on the shelf for a few months because we were so busy with our autumn yard clean up, etc., and never got around to doing what we wanted to do. It’s a time to sit home and watch TV or have fun with the family. Adult education classes are over until February, so this is a time to decorate the house, enjoy your family, read, play board games, write holiday shopping lists, battle the crowds in the stores for holiday shopping and generally enjoying the indoors.

As winter progresses, it’s a time to make sure your car and tires are good working condition. You want to be safe in the snow and ice filled streets. Be sure to get that oil change to make sure the engine runs smoothly too.

Here are a few ways to bring in positive energy into your yard and home for the holidays.


Holiday lights: Nothing brings guests better than Christmas light displays during the holidays. Put lights on timers so that you don’t have to be home to have your lights come on. This also lets others think you are home when you may be off holiday shopping or visiting family, friends or neighbors.

If you are a baker, bake all the great cookies and breads you usually do for the holidays. Nothing invites family, friends and neighbors in general to come into your home more than freshly baked items with those wonderful aromas filling your home and seeping through your doors or windows. Do you need to bake so many cookies? How many can we eat? After the holidays, I get to throw a good deal of them out to my squirrels which live on my property and they thank me.  Another choice, of course, is to freeze what you can.

Have all of your shopping and wrapping done early. You can buy presents all year long and wait until after Thanksgiving for larger items or items that you want to make sure you can return.

Decorate the house at different times. You can put up the tree one night and then put up window and yard decorations over the next few days. Be sure the children are home, so that they can assist in making your home look beautiful for the holidays. Even though I’m sure they’ll complain at having to do something as lame as put up Christmas or holiday decorations, it will be good to show the children that the holidays are for families and families work together.

Write holiday cards when you have a few spare minutes throughout the fall. Many people put names and addresses on stick-on labels.  I have learned that they are very impersonal and it’s just like you are saying that you wanted to get that chore out of the way as quickly as possible and had no regard for the person it was being sent to. I hand write all my envelopes and messages inside each card rather than writing a longer typed Christmas-gram. It’s more personal and it’s very rare, so your card will stand out. I have received many comments on my original notes and how refreshing they were.

When getting ready to have a holiday party at your home, here are some tips: clean the house one day, set up the tables and cooking/serving dishes and glasses you will need another day (pop them in the dishwasher if they haven’t been used since the last big holiday), do the food shopping and preparing what you can ahead of time and on the day of the party, you can relax, get ready in a stress free environment and have fun! Clean up can be done tomorrow or after your guests have gone. Some people actually pitch in and clean up as they go. If this is all right with you, by all means, accept the help. You’ve worked so hard!

Or throw a load of dishes and glasses in the dishwasher, go to bed and rest so you can face the mess ahead of you in the light of day with a strong cup of coffee or tea in your hand!

Do simple things to help your party run smoother. Prepare the coffee maker and supplies ahead of time so that when it is time for your guests to have coffee or tea, all you have to do is show them where it is.

Put the milk pitcher in the refrigerator filled with cold water so it will be kept colder for a longer period of time after serving.

Make sure your table linens are clean. Check them at least a week before your party and clean what needs to be washed or sent to the dry cleaners.

Have holiday music playing in the background, but be sure it is relaxing music so that all conversations can be heard easily.

If this is a pot luck dinner, prepare a menu so you can tell everyone what they could bring to your home. If it’s not a pot luck dinner but others ask what they may bring, you can always suggest gourmet dips, crackers, breads, wine, sparkling apple cider, eggnog, a bottle of liquor or a dessert of their choice. Tell them how many guests you are expecting.

You do not need to put out every holiday decoration you have. As the children leave the nest, you can put up a modest yet tasteful display of decorations. The holidays are for us to relax and enjoy the season, not stress over all the decorations, where to move the furniture until after the holidays and rush out to get the biggest live Christmas tree you can find.

There are so many kinds of pre-lit artificial trees that are life-like and stunning, why should we waste another natural resource if we don’t have to? An artificial tree can be purchased after the holidays for very reasonable prices and they look good for at least ten years if cared for properly.


Be sure the furnace is in perfect operating condition so your heating bills will be reasonable and your family will be safe.

If you have a fireplace, be sure to have enough wood stored in a dry space so it can be used whenever you need a fire. Be sure the fireplace has been cleaned, if needed. Every other year would be a good starting point to have it cleaned out or checked.

Put light timers on in several rooms so that they come on automatically when you are not home. The darkness of night comes quickly in the winter, so for safety, make sure it looks as if someone is home.

Place your heat on a timer too so that you are not wasting precious fuel when it is not needed. There are many thermostats with timers built in and if you don’t have one, they are not outrageously priced.

Are all the window and door seals tight so that you don’t lose precious heating in the winter?

Is your roof in need of repair? It would be worse if your roof was in need of repair and you found out while ice was melting and found its way through your attic and into one of your room’s ceilings.

Keep an extra entrance way runner handy so that excess mud, water or snow can be wiped off easily from shoes or boots before coming into your home.

If it works for you, do shopping in bulk so that you have fewer trips to the store in bad weather and have plenty of items on hand in case of an unexpected snow storm.

This is a great time to clean out attics and basements during the bad weather. Until the weather breaks, you might as well be productive.

Clean out closets and/or draws one a day until you are finished.

Go through your clothes, towels, bed linens and tablecloths and see which ones you no longer need, like or use.  You can put them in a big bag or box for a springtime garage sale or you can simply donate them to your church or temple.

Don’t forget to bring unneeded blankets and towels to local shelters so the animals will be warm.

Clean out your makeup drawer! If you haven’t used something in a year, toss it or give it to someone who may want or need it, if it is still good. Once mascara is opened, it can only be used for three months until bacteria forms inside the tube. If creams smell bad, toss them. There is a certain shelf life on cosmetics, so check them carefully. Otherwise, you are storing items that are unusable or bad.

When putting away holiday decorations, do one area of your home at a time. Pack things carefully so you won’t find them broken next year. Put tree decorations together, the manger and figurines in another box and all of your window and room decorations in another. Label each box with a big black magic marker or Sharpie pen. Rubbermaid makes lovely large containers which seal out moisture, so perhaps investing in a few of them will help make the storing of your decorations easier. You can color code the boxes for certain items.

Read; there is no time like winter to curl up in front of a fireplace or in a cozy chair and read. Catch up on recorded shows or binge on series you’ve always wanted to see.

Spend more time with family and friends. Have a few cocktail parties or get-togethers with finger foods. I was recently introduced to a fun game called “Apples to Apples.” I don’t like games but my sister-in-law said, “You don’t have to know anything or do anything that is hard,” so I gave it a try. We played for hours and had fun – both with the kids and adults. It also got us talking a lot more to each other and laughing way too much!

Catch up on sewing, crocheting or knitting projects while watching TV or listening to the radio or CD.  My planned hobby for this winter is quilting!  That should take up a lot of time.

Sell your old treasures or precious junk on eBay. There is nothing like the winter months to get you looking through your stuff to what you don’t need any longer. It’s easy to sell on eBay if you have never done so before. Just read through the site and you will see how easy it truly is. If I can do it, so can you.

These are some of the suggestions I have for the winter season.  Good luck and enjoy the snow!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all.  I hope you are lucky enough to enjoy the holidays with loved ones and good friends.









First Quarter 04 11 Pisces 49 01:58 AM
Full Moon 12 19 Gemini 52 00:12 AM
Last Quarter 18 26 Virgo 58 11:57 PM
New Moon 26 04 Capricorn 07 00:13 AM


Planets in the morning sky Mercury through the 25th, and Mars.
Planets in the night sky Venus, Jupiter through the 15th, and Saturn through the 27th.  Do not confuse Venus with Saturn mid-month.  Venus is brighter.
Retrogrades Uranus all month.
The sun goes into Capricorn on December 21, the Winter Solstice.


ARIES – March 20 – April 19

Spending money for the holidays is just the beginning.  You will have fun, enjoy holiday celebrations and won’t think twice about spending more than planned on a gift for a loved one.  Your generosity of spirit is magnetic and extends to your friends who will expect an extra special gift.  You may over spend on those you love.  Career opportunities are plentiful and you are probably considering changing jobs or parts of your job that will bring you more attention, more income or where you will use your intellect.  Things are getting boring. Your attention is not on work at this time, but in planning all the wonderful shopping, parties, travel and fun you hope to have during this month.  Your practical side comes into play where you realize you need more rest and must limit your help to others who are always taking advantage of your kind nature.  All in all, you are on the go, having fun, and connecting with friends and family who love your company.

TAURUS – April 20 – May 20

Holiday travel seems important; however, make sure your travel plans are solid before venturing to your holiday destinations.  Family conflicts may arise and seem unimportant to you, but the issues are important to others.  Be tactful with your partner since much energy seems to want to make you “right” or in control of every situation.  If you keep a cool head and compromise where appropriate, things should run quite smoothly. Don’t get into a battle of wits with your family and friends since this is the season of forgiveness and peace of mind, body and spirit.  Change is good even though you may not feel it at the present time.  If you find yourself in unexpected circumstances, just know that you are being guided on a different path.  You may not wish to travel on this path; however, it would be in your best interest to at least look at the wonderful changes around you and the opportunities it will bring for future happiness, prosperity and good health.

GEMINI – May 21 – June 20
Home life tends to get somewhat stressful as you try to plan the perfect holiday party.  Balance issues between your work load in your career and the responsibilities of your family weigh you down.  Why can’t you delegate?  Is it up to you to handle everything?  Miscommunication is prevalent this month so be clear about your intent or what you are asking others to do for you.  Repeat things so that you are on the same page as well.  Are you working too much so that you are not avail Compromise is needed to avoid arguments with your partner or loved ones since you just don’t have much time to think things through properly and make an informed decision?  You also get annoyed when people question where your time is spent and that you may be able to organize your life better.  You do more than most of the other signs and you would like to be acknowledged for that, but just be happy that you are able to run your life the way you want to or else, you just pick up and find happiness elsewhere. 

CANCER – June 20 – July 21
Love life and family seems to bring you much happiness and joy, even though you are handling too much of the responsibility.  New beginnings in the home, perhaps redecorating or some much needed repair projects, help you focus on your goals for the future.  You may be starting over or feel as if you need the changes that are being thrust upon you.  Make buying presents a special family occasion.  Even though you may feel that change is unsettling, it will be a positive experience, so go with the flow.  Differences of traditions and philosophies of life will be tested and you may be persuaded to look at things from different perspectives.  Even though you may want to stay home this holiday season, be a bit flexible if your partner wants to travel to visit family.  Staying home means you have to cook and entertain; however, it also makes you feel comfortable to be in your own home to do whatever you want to.  Using your intellect to make decisions rather than emotional ones will help you choose the better option. 

LEO – July 22 – August 22

It is important for you to entertain your family and friends, but be mindful of your health.  Take enough time for yourself and let others give you a hand in the kitchen or with the preparations.  This is a good time to rejuvenate, relax and do whatever you feel is important for yourself and your happiness.  It is a time to help others get more organized and as usual, you help others with their challenges and issues and are always going the extra mile.  This is also a time where you will take on the responsibility of a family issue.  Do the best you can to help those family members compromise; however, don’t beat yourself up if it does not go the way you feel it should.  You have done your best and sometimes things just have to work themselves out.    Arguing is probable if you let yourself get caught up in the politics of an issue.  Be aware of the explosive energy surrounding you and do your best to diffuse all negative situations.

VIRGO – August 23 – September 22

Holidays are always stressful, so if you are more relaxed and plan well in advance, your holidays will run quite smoothly.  Getting your list and checking it twice is a great way for a Virgo to start their holiday shopping.  Know what you want to spend and then comparison shop so you get the best price for the item, as if you wouldn’t do that anyway! Try not to take life so seriously now as it is supposed to be fun.  If there are any issues that you do not agree with, let them go for now and deal with them after the holidays.  Situations with personal and business partnerships may be confusing and upsetting at times, so be prepared to stand your ground and give your frank opinion in a tactful manner.  Career may be changing in many ways and it would be helpful for you to know in which direction you would like to proceed.  Do you want your own home-based business?  If so, go for it now as the energy around you is positive and open to so many wonderful possibilities to accomplish your future goals and dreams. 

LIBRA – September 23 – October 22

Spending money for beautiful things is a constant in your life; however, it may be time to ask your partner if he or she agrees with your gift choices.  Ask for his or her opinions of gifts for the family and your closest friends.  Consulting a partner on financial choices or where you spend the family riches will allow you to spend more freely.  Much good energy is around you so plan what steps you would like to take to accomplish some dreams and goals.  Your personality shifts to being more self-confident with less issues regarding insecurities and anxieties.  This is the time for you to accomplish what needs to be done.  Career, travel and spiritual pursuits all seem to become important at the same time so be prepared to be scattered and yet, you will be having the time of your life exploring all the possibilities around you.

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 21

Be prepared to double check your travel plans as it seems as if there is a glitch that hinders you.   This does not mean that you should not travel, but it seems to be a time where extra planning and alternative plans will keep everyone calm and in control of their holidays!  Running around at the last minute to get your shopping done can be an exhausting task, so use the web to order some on line gifts, if you feel that’s appropriate.  You just need some down time, relaxation time, and family time for your own enjoyment and wellbeing.  You would like to plan things in advance and that’s a wonderful idea, but be flexible enough to know that all plans do not turn out exactly as we hope.  Many times, the things that change can be more fun than our original plans.  Have a wonderful time.

SAGITTARIUS – November 22 – December 20

Get up and go to holiday parties, friends’ get-togethers or that holiday getaway with a loved one even though he or she may not want to leave home.  Try to be a little more sensitive with a loved one’s feelings as it seems you may be somewhat tactless or thoughtless to his or her needs.  This may be because you are so caught up in the whirlwind around you, or the holiday season, that you don’t have time for petty nonsense.  You may be on different wavelengths so try to find common ground.  Home life may be a bit too hectic for your taste and you may try to go out or not deal with specific issues.  They will not go away, so deal with them directly.  A good outcome will result from any effort you put into making positive changes in work, formal education, long distance travel and finances, so start thinking about which areas of life you would like to change and start making a few small changes throughout the season. 

CAPRICORN – December 21 – January 19

New friends and associations help propel your career through this holiday season.  Networking becomes effortless as you meet many more people through new clubs, memberships and organizations.  Be careful not to let your personal and business lives conflict with each other as it won’t be worth the time and trouble.  Deal with each area of life separately and complete any unfinished projects or endeavors.  Being organized for the upcoming year will help you get a jump on your goals.  Lists will help you with this organization and will help you focus on your priority issues.  Go out and have some fun.  You can’t be all business or too serious now since this is the time to be happy and jolly!  Accept holiday party invitations and do some of the entertaining yourself.  You will feel very relaxed and others will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

AQUARIUS – January 20 – February 17

Your creative and artistic abilities are amplified during this festive season so don’t be afraid to show off your abilities to your family and friends.  Spirituality is more important as you unfold the meaning of your traditional beliefs.  This is a good time to think about what you want to do in the future, perhaps in a creative field or perhaps to take creative classes you never had the time to take in the past.  What a wonderful time for you to look into new cultures and traditions. You may wish to kick back and unwind during the holidays and not have the traditional holiday meals or parties with your family.  You may wish to keep a day for yourself where you could organize your home, entertain other family members or friends or just relax and watch the blinking lights on the Christmas tree or other holiday decorations.  Energy abounds and you wish to accomplish so much.  You can do anything you need to do at this time, but limit yourself to a few tasks per day so you can re-energize and continue on the fast track that you have been living on for the last year.

PISCES – February 19 – March 20

The holidays will be exciting and fun because you have planned so much to do.  Loved ones would be adaptable enough when unexpected circumstances change your plans at the last minute.  These changes may be better than your original plans.  If circumstances seem confusing or dramatic, this is the best time to take that energy and turn it into a positive result.  This seems like a bi-polar month.  Things go very well, then fall apart, so it’s best that you just deal with situations as they happen rather than projecting the best or worst scenario for them. The negativity around you is disappearing and you need to reinforce the positive energy that you know is protecting and guiding you to do the right thing.  Love issues may be a tender spot, so understand what the issue is and then do something to resolve it.  Using your mental agility will help you to optimistically deal with any concerns that come your way.  Career issues may be pushed to the foreground and some very important decisions about your future will need to be made.  Be sure you have all the facts before jumping to conclusions that may be incorrect.  If you need to make adjustments to goals, now is the time to make them. 


 Rev. Vikki Anderson has been a metaphysical teacher, author and lecturer for over 47 years.  She may be contacted at 570-215-4223 to make an appointment for a telephone reading in tarot and astrology or an in-person Feng Shui consultation. Please visit:  for further information.

November 2019 Horoscopes

Important Dates:  November 1, All Saints Day; 3rd, Daylight Savings Time ends (turn clock back one hour), 5th, Election Day; 11th, Veterans Day, and the 28th, Thanksgiving Day. 

How Your Sun Sign Changes Your Personality

 Most people identify with their sun sign in astrology.  That means that the sun was on the horizon in a certain constellation at the time of your birth.  The other planets are figured out upon this time of the year, your birth time and your residential location.  What’s interesting is that growing up I never considered myself a Gemini because I was redecorating the house, sewing curtains, making flower arrangements and doing macramé and with the help of my mom, a Taurus and natural interior designer, I was always changing things in the house to make it feel and look better.  You can say that I had an obsession with “the home.”

At fourteen, when I became an astrology student, I learned that the planets and house cusps move every year.  So, in essence, you are never the person you were at birth for very long.  Being there is 30 degrees in each sign, you must go through all these degrees until you reach the next sign in the zodiac.  For instance, I was at 22 Gemini at birth, which meant I was a Gemini for only eight years of my life and spent the next thirty in Cancer, a very domesticated, family-loving sign.  Yes, I still had many Gemini traits: I could do more than one thing at a time, I am ambidextrous, write novels, poetry and short stories, interested in metaphysics, talk all of the time, and all the other Gemini traits that everyone says I am supposed to have.  However, it was interesting that all of my energies went into the homestead, the ruler of which was Cancer.  Now that I am in the middle of Leo, my Gemini Sun has more dynamic energy and I feel like I can do anything.   Homelife is not a priority to me.  Having a serious man in my life has been the furthest thing in my mind for over twenty years.  It’s because Leo is an independent, confident, loyal and trusted sign.  It represents knowledge, being daring and taking risks.  It takes care of the less fortunate and believes in helping those in need.

Now you know you most likely will not be the same sun sign (birth sun) that you were born with unless you die very early in childhood from an accident or illness.  Most of us think as we get older, that we mature, become more knowledgeable, handle situations with more grace and confidence; we have different interests than when we were children or young adults and this continually changes until the day you die.  Your interests and curiosities go in many directions.  Sometimes this may surprise even you!  But this is a gradual change as we enter into a new sign.  It would take at least five years in that new sign to make the transition until the twenty-fifth year in one sign when you will begin transitioning to the next sign.…you transition from your new sign into another brand new sign with new beginnings, understanding, hobbies, fascinations and may pursue different areas of philosophy, religion or education.  Your life will most definitely make a dramatic shift.

To add to this information is that your moon sign which controls your emotions, subconscious and feelings changes signs every 2.5 years.  The other planets, including your Ascendant, (the personality you show to the world), change one degree a year.  These are called progressions.  This is where your planets at birth “progressed to” whatever age you were interested in. So, in essence, your whole chart changes every year.  Yes, you still have a birth chart that you were born with and still have the overall personality and characteristics from that chart; however, now you have other influences that impels you into different directions, etc.  Remember, you have free will and can control your life at all times.  The chart is just a template that you may or may not follow, but your personality does undergo many incarnations in a single lifetime!

The thought is that you usually go through the next sign in the zodiac, after the one you were born in, so that you can have a taste of what your life will be like in your next lifetime.  It is said that you go through 12 signs 12 times before you can be rejoined to the Source.  In this way, you have every perspective of all personalities, intellects, creativity, innovation, and understanding for your next life time.  (Whichever sign you currently are in this lifetime, you will be the next sign in your next lifetime.)

Another interesting fact is that when you move, especially from another country or across the USA, your birth chart dramatically changes.  Moving shorter distances may change your chart just a little or perhaps move some planets into other houses than they were originally at birth. You should not use your birth chart anymore because the person born there does not any longer exist. You should have your chart redone for your new residential location.  Some astrologers use the birth chart and then just use the new progressions for the new city, state or country you currently live in.  It depends on whichever way you were taught.  I use both methods and really like the change I see when people move from one location to another.  One may have been introverted, anxious, withdrawn, shy, reserved and timid.  Many times, when this person moves to another location, (s)he is more of an extrovert, congenial, gregarious, fun loving and their mind is expanding in so many different directions.  I have, of course, observed the opposite as well. You should move to a state which has a sun sign that is compatible with your birth sun sign for the most positive energy and results.

I hope this cleared up why you feel you change throughout your life and feel differently about things.  I hear couples say that they are married to someone who has changed from when they were first married.  “You’re not the man I married!”  That is true.  We all change every year and isn’t it wonderful that we do and are allowed to expand our consciousness, awareness, and perception of our lives and world we live in.

For a list of the states and their signs, go to:, one of my WordPress blogs.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  God bless you and your family during the Thanksgiving holiday and throughout the year.











First Quarter 04 11 Aquarius 42 05:23 AM
Full Moon 12 19 Taurus 52 08:34 AM
Last Quarter 19 27 Leo 14 04:11 PM
New Moon  26 04 Sagittarius 03 10:06 AM


Planets in the morning sky Mercury from the 18th, and Mars.
Planets in the night sky Mercury through the 6th, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.
Retrogrades Mercury goes Direct on the 21st, Uranus, and Neptune goes Direct on the 28th.
The sun goes into Sagittarius on the 22nd.


ARIES – March 20 – April 19

Your family ties, as well as neighbors and people who are important to you is highlighted now.  You may have to deal with discussions and disagreements within these groups.  Be ready to be the negotiator.  It can go either way, so you can have a loving and tender relationship or you can have arguments and disagreements about silly things.  Don’t let the items get out of hand especially around the holidays.  This is a time to reflect, write, communicate your feelings with family and loved ones.  It’s a time to explore and make some good times to remember.  If you do write, this is the time to get that novel, play or short story done.  If you don’t, perhaps this is a good time to take those mini-vacations you’ve always wanted to go on…perhaps a long weekend up in the mountains or at a favorite place.  It’s a time to rethink your life and what you want to add or delete from it.  Be honest with yourself about your wants so you can change your life to be the most positive one you can have during Thanksgiving.

TAURUS – April 20 – May 20

Changes in your home or home life may a surprise.  This would be a positive time to consider moving, if that’s been on your mind, or perhaps redecorate their home in a new way or style.  You know you are going to have a wonderful month including the Thanksgiving holiday.  Many pleasant surprises seem to be in your future, so be prepared to graciously accept what others want to offer.  Your outlook is somewhat improved from the last several months and you are getting your life back on track.  You need to figure out in which direction you would feel more comfortable and then go for it!  This may include leaving some loved ones behind and finding new love interests.  Be open to all kinds of new people coming into your life – it will be fun and you may even learn a thing or two.  Work may be very busy and you feel as if you are so tired, you won’t want to take on another thing, even if it is to have fun.  Pace yourself and you can have the best of both worlds – a very positive work experience and you may even enjoy new beginnings and/or new hobbies or interests as well. 

GEMINI – May 21 – June 20

Get ready for some fun with lof friends and family, especially during the holidays.  Accept invitations to attend parties as you need to get out with other people. Health is fine now, but you should continue to quickly take care of any issues that arise.  Life seems to be getting back on track, but with the holidays just around the corner, you may get overwhelmed again.  Sit back, relax and do what you absolutely have to do for any particular day or circumstance.  You don’t have to do everything for everyone.  Limit yourself.  It’s time for some fun and relaxation.  Enjoy the holidays rather than being overwhelmed by them.  Love life may be a little difficult at the moment but you have so many other things that need your attention.  Finish those projects, get your house in order, and be sure to know what you really want out of life.  Don’t just go with the flow; this is a time when you should be planning for the future. Take care of any medical issues and make appointments before or after the holidays so you can enjoy family and friends during the holidays.  Don’t let your health suffer by ignoring regularly scheduled exams and appointments.  Once they are over, you can get back to holiday fun knowing that you are healthy and that you will be around for a long time to enjoy everything or everyone that is important to you. 

CANCER – June 21 – July

Good luck is coming into your relationships.  If single, this may be a good time to get out of there and meet people because this is a time for partnerships and romance.  Be sure you do not overlook any potential partners that may have loved you for some time but you didn’t notice or perhaps didn’t want to notice. This is an outstanding time for discussion, compromise and seeing each other’s points of view.  It is a time where you will turn into best friends and truly understand each other on a new spiritual level.  Thoughts and long discussions will be shared in a most loving and thoughtful way.  You are extremely sensitive now so be sure that you don’t take too many things so personally as the other person probably didn’t even know you were offended or hurt by the comment.  Ask questions like, “What do you mean by that?” to get to the proper conclusion or at the very least to give the proper response.  Don’t second guess yourself about holiday plans and little things.  Do what makes you feel great and have a wonderful holiday experience. 

LEO – July 22 – August 22

This is a time to throw parties or have get togethers with people you haven’t been in touch with for a long time.  Be sure you have taken care of business or career goals and then you can be free to do what you really feel like doing.  This is not a good time to be confused about your next steps. You want to be in a relationship, but you also want the flexibility to do whatever it is you want to do when you want to do it.  You have great confidence in yourself, but you may seek another’s approval.  There are those who would be happy to give you more advice than you want, so be very specific about the advice you seek.  Just remember, your family and friends are just waiting to help you in any way as a thank you for all you have done for them. Let them assist you as you just can’t do everything by yourself any longer.  Admit it – help would be welcome.  Partnerships should be helpful now whether in business or in your personal life.  Again, another clue that this is not a time for you to do things alone.  Your Leo temper may get the best of you from time to time, but if that happens it may just be that there is too much on your plate and I don’t mean turkey!  Put some things on the back burner and pace yourself so you can enjoy the holidays like everyone else.

VIRGO – August 23 – September 22

Making plans for the holidays is very important.  You should travel, meet up with friends, and perhaps get into different types of religion or philosophies.  Lots of communication is suggested with everyone.  During the start of the holiday season, be sure that you have taken care of mundane tasks so that you won’t be thinking about them.  Update important papers such as wills, insurance policies, living wills, etc.  You seem to be worried about too many inconsequential details now that no one else notices.  This would be a wonderful time to turn your life around in a positive way.  Take a healing or spiritual class.  Learn something new that will give you a different perspective on your life and how lucky you are to be in this beautiful world.  Try to stray out of your “safety zone” a little and explore to see what else is out there for you.  You may be amazed.  Be ready to rest a bit more than usual as it seems you are running around all over the place and find it very hard to relax or even sleep at night.  Calm down and deal with one issue at a time and finish it so it doesn’t weigh heavily on your mind.  Then you will be ready to enjoy Thanksgiving with your family and friends no matter where the holiday conversations take you.  You will be ready to be witty and funny and have an extraordinary time. 

LIBRA – September 23 – October 22

There is a lot of action and activity coming into your life this month.  Do what you want to do now and be ready for lots of interesting experiences.  Go shopping, meet friends and family for lunches, plan small excursions and visit places you’ve always wanted to go.  You may also be thinking of taking care of paperwork and getting boring chores done and behind you before the festivities start at the end of the month.  Organize a list of what you want to get done and then follow the list.  Don’t be the typical air sign and start this and continue with that or finish this half way and start something else.  Be consistent and follow your plan so that you will feel unburdened.  This is such a lucky time for you, so it would be advantageous to get everything you wanted done finished, so you will have time for fun.  If you are having the family or friends to your house for Thanksgiving, prepare the list of chores and food shopping ahead of time and do it over several days so you will have time to rest and enjoy this time of the season.  Elicit help from family members and be sure to ask dinner guests to bring small things like bottles of wine, bread, desserts or appetizers.  This will save you some time and money as well as energy of doing everything yourself.  If you are going to someone else’s house, then you should bring a token as mentioned above unless you are asked to bring something specific.  Enjoy the holidays either way and make time for yourself.

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 21

Taking care of business, issues and people at work will be very important.  Once your issues are dealt with, you will be able to enjoy your family for the holidays.  Make sure that you spend time with family and appreciate everything that your family has done for you.  Travel plans seem to be in your future, or at the very least you are trying to convince yourself whether or not you can afford to take a trip during this holiday season.  Work seems to improve and you will finally feel as if you are a valued member of the team.  This is a good way to make yourself feel more confident in many issues in which you have had concerns.  You are strong and determined and those attributes will help you find your way through many decisions.  Don’t take on too many extra projects and don’t pressure your staff/employees to do much more during this festive time of the year.  You know their minds are on the holidays and not particularly concentrating on new projects and budgets.  Be sure home life is running smoothly; disagreements may make you confused.  You are trying to make everyone else happy and it seems as if no one is thinking of you.  Discussions should be encouraged.  Everyone can be a little more anxious or upset during all the preparations for the holidays.  Setting up a relaxing atmosphere at home wouldn’t hurt! 

SAGITTARIUS – November 22 – December 20

Good luck will come to you from unexpected sources.  Don’t be upset if plans change unexpectedly because they will most likely be a better alternative to choose. There is a feeling of responsibility and dependability and then you feel as if you just want to have fun and be carefree.  Work is going well although there is a lot of hard work ahead of you, but you can certainly handle it well.  The issue is that you want to do a good job, but are getting tired of all the responsibility without getting any of the recognition for a job well done.  You are just working too hard and not taking care of your health.  Take breaks during lunch time so you can become refreshed and will be able to tackle the job ahead of you with new enthusiasm.  You may be your own worst enemy at this time as well.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Do what you can and let other things go.  Self-confidence issues may arise.  It’s not you, but the overwhelming issues that are swarming around you.  Again, take things one at time and finish them and don’t look at the big picture at first.  Deal with smaller issues and everything will fall into place.  Holidays plans may change, but it seems as if you are okay with them.  Let things just flow the way they will and you will be fine.  Keep smiling! 

CAPRICORN – December 21 – January 19

You will be very sensitive now so just be aware of that so you are not surprised when something someone said really hurts you in some way.  You are also taking on too many responsibilities and obligations which make you overwhelmed and tired.  Keep everything on an even keel so that when unanticipated events happen, you can get right back onto your path and move forward.  There is so much going on in your mind.  You have to figure out what is the most important issue and do something positive to resolve it.  Many thoughts are leaning towards secrets and keeping things to yourself.  It’s a great time for learning metaphysics or esoterica or just start reading a few good books in whichever field you are interested in.  There are many self-help books to choose from at your local library, so why not look through them. You may find something that feels right to you.  Of course, you don’t have that much time to read, so get a few audio books and put them on in the car so you kill two birds with one stone.  You need to chill a bit and decide on which type of holiday you want.  Do you want to be with all of your family or friends or only a few close family members or friends?  Don’t do what you don’t want to do so don’t let yourself be talked into joining a holiday party that may not fit in with your mood or plans. You deserve some time alone to do whatever makes you happy or to be with the one person that means everything to you.  It’s your decision, but whatever you decide, be sure you are making plans which are best for you and are not being pressured to do what others think you should. 

AQUARIUS – January 20 – February 17

You are finding yourself and what makes you tick.  Not being in a relationship is okay with you at this point and if you are in a relationship, perhaps you may want a little more independence to do some of the things that you’ve always wanted to do. Are you being your own worst enemy again?  Things don’t seem to be going on the right track and you are helping others with their issues rather than face your own.  You may feel a bit overwhelmed or depressed as the holidays progress, so get out of that frame of mind now so you can be happy and ready to share the fun season with your family and friends. You are making more decisions about yourself and what you want to do now.

PISCES – February 19 – March 20

Be careful with finances.  It seems as if you may not realize how much you are spending or you may take a serious risk on some investments, so make sure you look at all the options and get professional advice before jeopardizing your financial security.  Be careful about overspending during this holiday season.  You feel you have enough saved to do the shopping you want; however, be to you stay within your budget.  You seem to be tempted to spend more than you usually do for those you love.  The size or amount of the gift doesn’t really matter.  You’ve heard it a million times, but it is the thought that counts.  Also, be reasonable about spending for yourself as many of the things you are looking to purchase you really don’t need at this time.  Buy what you need, not what you want and you will have more than enough for the holidays and into the New Year.  Friends seem to get you somewhat upset by doing crazy things or leaving you out of plans, but you just can’t accept every invitation anyway, can you? You never know, a friend may even ask to borrow some money, so be prepared for that eventuality.  Love life just isn’t as high on the list at this time, so if you are in a relationship/marriage, be sure to pay close attention to your loved one.  If you are alone, enjoy the solitude because things will be hopping starting in the New Year and you won’t have additional time to rest or do whatever it is you want to.


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