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November 2019 Horoscopes

Important Dates:  November 1, All Saints Day; 3rd, Daylight Savings Time ends (turn clock back one hour), 5th, Election Day; 11th, Veterans Day, and the 28th, Thanksgiving Day. 

How Your Sun Sign Changes Your Personality

 Most people identify with their sun sign in astrology.  That means that the sun was on the horizon in a certain constellation at the time of your birth.  The other planets are figured out upon this time of the year, your birth time and your residential location.  What’s interesting is that growing up I never considered myself a Gemini because I was redecorating the house, sewing curtains, making flower arrangements and doing macramé and with the help of my mom, a Taurus and natural interior designer, I was always changing things in the house to make it feel and look better.  You can say that I had an obsession with “the home.”

At fourteen, when I became an astrology student, I learned that the planets and house cusps move every year.  So, in essence, you are never the person you were at birth for very long.  Being there is 30 degrees in each sign, you must go through all these degrees until you reach the next sign in the zodiac.  For instance, I was at 22 Gemini at birth, which meant I was a Gemini for only eight years of my life and spent the next thirty in Cancer, a very domesticated, family-loving sign.  Yes, I still had many Gemini traits: I could do more than one thing at a time, I am ambidextrous, write novels, poetry and short stories, interested in metaphysics, talk all of the time, and all the other Gemini traits that everyone says I am supposed to have.  However, it was interesting that all of my energies went into the homestead, the ruler of which was Cancer.  Now that I am in the middle of Leo, my Gemini Sun has more dynamic energy and I feel like I can do anything.   Homelife is not a priority to me.  Having a serious man in my life has been the furthest thing in my mind for over twenty years.  It’s because Leo is an independent, confident, loyal and trusted sign.  It represents knowledge, being daring and taking risks.  It takes care of the less fortunate and believes in helping those in need.

Now you know you most likely will not be the same sun sign (birth sun) that you were born with unless you die very early in childhood from an accident or illness.  Most of us think as we get older, that we mature, become more knowledgeable, handle situations with more grace and confidence; we have different interests than when we were children or young adults and this continually changes until the day you die.  Your interests and curiosities go in many directions.  Sometimes this may surprise even you!  But this is a gradual change as we enter into a new sign.  It would take at least five years in that new sign to make the transition until the twenty-fifth year in one sign when you will begin transitioning to the next sign.…you transition from your new sign into another brand new sign with new beginnings, understanding, hobbies, fascinations and may pursue different areas of philosophy, religion or education.  Your life will most definitely make a dramatic shift.

To add to this information is that your moon sign which controls your emotions, subconscious and feelings changes signs every 2.5 years.  The other planets, including your Ascendant, (the personality you show to the world), change one degree a year.  These are called progressions.  This is where your planets at birth “progressed to” whatever age you were interested in. So, in essence, your whole chart changes every year.  Yes, you still have a birth chart that you were born with and still have the overall personality and characteristics from that chart; however, now you have other influences that impels you into different directions, etc.  Remember, you have free will and can control your life at all times.  The chart is just a template that you may or may not follow, but your personality does undergo many incarnations in a single lifetime!

The thought is that you usually go through the next sign in the zodiac, after the one you were born in, so that you can have a taste of what your life will be like in your next lifetime.  It is said that you go through 12 signs 12 times before you can be rejoined to the Source.  In this way, you have every perspective of all personalities, intellects, creativity, innovation, and understanding for your next life time.  (Whichever sign you currently are in this lifetime, you will be the next sign in your next lifetime.)

Another interesting fact is that when you move, especially from another country or across the USA, your birth chart dramatically changes.  Moving shorter distances may change your chart just a little or perhaps move some planets into other houses than they were originally at birth. You should not use your birth chart anymore because the person born there does not any longer exist. You should have your chart redone for your new residential location.  Some astrologers use the birth chart and then just use the new progressions for the new city, state or country you currently live in.  It depends on whichever way you were taught.  I use both methods and really like the change I see when people move from one location to another.  One may have been introverted, anxious, withdrawn, shy, reserved and timid.  Many times, when this person moves to another location, (s)he is more of an extrovert, congenial, gregarious, fun loving and their mind is expanding in so many different directions.  I have, of course, observed the opposite as well. You should move to a state which has a sun sign that is compatible with your birth sun sign for the most positive energy and results.

I hope this cleared up why you feel you change throughout your life and feel differently about things.  I hear couples say that they are married to someone who has changed from when they were first married.  “You’re not the man I married!”  That is true.  We all change every year and isn’t it wonderful that we do and are allowed to expand our consciousness, awareness, and perception of our lives and world we live in.

For a list of the states and their signs, go to:, one of my WordPress blogs.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  God bless you and your family during the Thanksgiving holiday and throughout the year.











First Quarter 04 11 Aquarius 42 05:23 AM
Full Moon 12 19 Taurus 52 08:34 AM
Last Quarter 19 27 Leo 14 04:11 PM
New Moon  26 04 Sagittarius 03 10:06 AM


Planets in the morning sky Mercury from the 18th, and Mars.
Planets in the night sky Mercury through the 6th, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.
Retrogrades Mercury goes Direct on the 21st, Uranus, and Neptune goes Direct on the 28th.
The sun goes into Sagittarius on the 22nd.


ARIES – March 20 – April 19

Your family ties, as well as neighbors and people who are important to you is highlighted now.  You may have to deal with discussions and disagreements within these groups.  Be ready to be the negotiator.  It can go either way, so you can have a loving and tender relationship or you can have arguments and disagreements about silly things.  Don’t let the items get out of hand especially around the holidays.  This is a time to reflect, write, communicate your feelings with family and loved ones.  It’s a time to explore and make some good times to remember.  If you do write, this is the time to get that novel, play or short story done.  If you don’t, perhaps this is a good time to take those mini-vacations you’ve always wanted to go on…perhaps a long weekend up in the mountains or at a favorite place.  It’s a time to rethink your life and what you want to add or delete from it.  Be honest with yourself about your wants so you can change your life to be the most positive one you can have during Thanksgiving.

TAURUS – April 20 – May 20

Changes in your home or home life may a surprise.  This would be a positive time to consider moving, if that’s been on your mind, or perhaps redecorate their home in a new way or style.  You know you are going to have a wonderful month including the Thanksgiving holiday.  Many pleasant surprises seem to be in your future, so be prepared to graciously accept what others want to offer.  Your outlook is somewhat improved from the last several months and you are getting your life back on track.  You need to figure out in which direction you would feel more comfortable and then go for it!  This may include leaving some loved ones behind and finding new love interests.  Be open to all kinds of new people coming into your life – it will be fun and you may even learn a thing or two.  Work may be very busy and you feel as if you are so tired, you won’t want to take on another thing, even if it is to have fun.  Pace yourself and you can have the best of both worlds – a very positive work experience and you may even enjoy new beginnings and/or new hobbies or interests as well. 

GEMINI – May 21 – June 20

Get ready for some fun with lof friends and family, especially during the holidays.  Accept invitations to attend parties as you need to get out with other people. Health is fine now, but you should continue to quickly take care of any issues that arise.  Life seems to be getting back on track, but with the holidays just around the corner, you may get overwhelmed again.  Sit back, relax and do what you absolutely have to do for any particular day or circumstance.  You don’t have to do everything for everyone.  Limit yourself.  It’s time for some fun and relaxation.  Enjoy the holidays rather than being overwhelmed by them.  Love life may be a little difficult at the moment but you have so many other things that need your attention.  Finish those projects, get your house in order, and be sure to know what you really want out of life.  Don’t just go with the flow; this is a time when you should be planning for the future. Take care of any medical issues and make appointments before or after the holidays so you can enjoy family and friends during the holidays.  Don’t let your health suffer by ignoring regularly scheduled exams and appointments.  Once they are over, you can get back to holiday fun knowing that you are healthy and that you will be around for a long time to enjoy everything or everyone that is important to you. 

CANCER – June 21 – July

Good luck is coming into your relationships.  If single, this may be a good time to get out of there and meet people because this is a time for partnerships and romance.  Be sure you do not overlook any potential partners that may have loved you for some time but you didn’t notice or perhaps didn’t want to notice. This is an outstanding time for discussion, compromise and seeing each other’s points of view.  It is a time where you will turn into best friends and truly understand each other on a new spiritual level.  Thoughts and long discussions will be shared in a most loving and thoughtful way.  You are extremely sensitive now so be sure that you don’t take too many things so personally as the other person probably didn’t even know you were offended or hurt by the comment.  Ask questions like, “What do you mean by that?” to get to the proper conclusion or at the very least to give the proper response.  Don’t second guess yourself about holiday plans and little things.  Do what makes you feel great and have a wonderful holiday experience. 

LEO – July 22 – August 22

This is a time to throw parties or have get togethers with people you haven’t been in touch with for a long time.  Be sure you have taken care of business or career goals and then you can be free to do what you really feel like doing.  This is not a good time to be confused about your next steps. You want to be in a relationship, but you also want the flexibility to do whatever it is you want to do when you want to do it.  You have great confidence in yourself, but you may seek another’s approval.  There are those who would be happy to give you more advice than you want, so be very specific about the advice you seek.  Just remember, your family and friends are just waiting to help you in any way as a thank you for all you have done for them. Let them assist you as you just can’t do everything by yourself any longer.  Admit it – help would be welcome.  Partnerships should be helpful now whether in business or in your personal life.  Again, another clue that this is not a time for you to do things alone.  Your Leo temper may get the best of you from time to time, but if that happens it may just be that there is too much on your plate and I don’t mean turkey!  Put some things on the back burner and pace yourself so you can enjoy the holidays like everyone else.

VIRGO – August 23 – September 22

Making plans for the holidays is very important.  You should travel, meet up with friends, and perhaps get into different types of religion or philosophies.  Lots of communication is suggested with everyone.  During the start of the holiday season, be sure that you have taken care of mundane tasks so that you won’t be thinking about them.  Update important papers such as wills, insurance policies, living wills, etc.  You seem to be worried about too many inconsequential details now that no one else notices.  This would be a wonderful time to turn your life around in a positive way.  Take a healing or spiritual class.  Learn something new that will give you a different perspective on your life and how lucky you are to be in this beautiful world.  Try to stray out of your “safety zone” a little and explore to see what else is out there for you.  You may be amazed.  Be ready to rest a bit more than usual as it seems you are running around all over the place and find it very hard to relax or even sleep at night.  Calm down and deal with one issue at a time and finish it so it doesn’t weigh heavily on your mind.  Then you will be ready to enjoy Thanksgiving with your family and friends no matter where the holiday conversations take you.  You will be ready to be witty and funny and have an extraordinary time. 

LIBRA – September 23 – October 22

There is a lot of action and activity coming into your life this month.  Do what you want to do now and be ready for lots of interesting experiences.  Go shopping, meet friends and family for lunches, plan small excursions and visit places you’ve always wanted to go.  You may also be thinking of taking care of paperwork and getting boring chores done and behind you before the festivities start at the end of the month.  Organize a list of what you want to get done and then follow the list.  Don’t be the typical air sign and start this and continue with that or finish this half way and start something else.  Be consistent and follow your plan so that you will feel unburdened.  This is such a lucky time for you, so it would be advantageous to get everything you wanted done finished, so you will have time for fun.  If you are having the family or friends to your house for Thanksgiving, prepare the list of chores and food shopping ahead of time and do it over several days so you will have time to rest and enjoy this time of the season.  Elicit help from family members and be sure to ask dinner guests to bring small things like bottles of wine, bread, desserts or appetizers.  This will save you some time and money as well as energy of doing everything yourself.  If you are going to someone else’s house, then you should bring a token as mentioned above unless you are asked to bring something specific.  Enjoy the holidays either way and make time for yourself.

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 21

Taking care of business, issues and people at work will be very important.  Once your issues are dealt with, you will be able to enjoy your family for the holidays.  Make sure that you spend time with family and appreciate everything that your family has done for you.  Travel plans seem to be in your future, or at the very least you are trying to convince yourself whether or not you can afford to take a trip during this holiday season.  Work seems to improve and you will finally feel as if you are a valued member of the team.  This is a good way to make yourself feel more confident in many issues in which you have had concerns.  You are strong and determined and those attributes will help you find your way through many decisions.  Don’t take on too many extra projects and don’t pressure your staff/employees to do much more during this festive time of the year.  You know their minds are on the holidays and not particularly concentrating on new projects and budgets.  Be sure home life is running smoothly; disagreements may make you confused.  You are trying to make everyone else happy and it seems as if no one is thinking of you.  Discussions should be encouraged.  Everyone can be a little more anxious or upset during all the preparations for the holidays.  Setting up a relaxing atmosphere at home wouldn’t hurt! 

SAGITTARIUS – November 22 – December 20

Good luck will come to you from unexpected sources.  Don’t be upset if plans change unexpectedly because they will most likely be a better alternative to choose. There is a feeling of responsibility and dependability and then you feel as if you just want to have fun and be carefree.  Work is going well although there is a lot of hard work ahead of you, but you can certainly handle it well.  The issue is that you want to do a good job, but are getting tired of all the responsibility without getting any of the recognition for a job well done.  You are just working too hard and not taking care of your health.  Take breaks during lunch time so you can become refreshed and will be able to tackle the job ahead of you with new enthusiasm.  You may be your own worst enemy at this time as well.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Do what you can and let other things go.  Self-confidence issues may arise.  It’s not you, but the overwhelming issues that are swarming around you.  Again, take things one at time and finish them and don’t look at the big picture at first.  Deal with smaller issues and everything will fall into place.  Holidays plans may change, but it seems as if you are okay with them.  Let things just flow the way they will and you will be fine.  Keep smiling! 

CAPRICORN – December 21 – January 19

You will be very sensitive now so just be aware of that so you are not surprised when something someone said really hurts you in some way.  You are also taking on too many responsibilities and obligations which make you overwhelmed and tired.  Keep everything on an even keel so that when unanticipated events happen, you can get right back onto your path and move forward.  There is so much going on in your mind.  You have to figure out what is the most important issue and do something positive to resolve it.  Many thoughts are leaning towards secrets and keeping things to yourself.  It’s a great time for learning metaphysics or esoterica or just start reading a few good books in whichever field you are interested in.  There are many self-help books to choose from at your local library, so why not look through them. You may find something that feels right to you.  Of course, you don’t have that much time to read, so get a few audio books and put them on in the car so you kill two birds with one stone.  You need to chill a bit and decide on which type of holiday you want.  Do you want to be with all of your family or friends or only a few close family members or friends?  Don’t do what you don’t want to do so don’t let yourself be talked into joining a holiday party that may not fit in with your mood or plans. You deserve some time alone to do whatever makes you happy or to be with the one person that means everything to you.  It’s your decision, but whatever you decide, be sure you are making plans which are best for you and are not being pressured to do what others think you should. 

AQUARIUS – January 20 – February 17

You are finding yourself and what makes you tick.  Not being in a relationship is okay with you at this point and if you are in a relationship, perhaps you may want a little more independence to do some of the things that you’ve always wanted to do. Are you being your own worst enemy again?  Things don’t seem to be going on the right track and you are helping others with their issues rather than face your own.  You may feel a bit overwhelmed or depressed as the holidays progress, so get out of that frame of mind now so you can be happy and ready to share the fun season with your family and friends. You are making more decisions about yourself and what you want to do now.

PISCES – February 19 – March 20

Be careful with finances.  It seems as if you may not realize how much you are spending or you may take a serious risk on some investments, so make sure you look at all the options and get professional advice before jeopardizing your financial security.  Be careful about overspending during this holiday season.  You feel you have enough saved to do the shopping you want; however, be to you stay within your budget.  You seem to be tempted to spend more than you usually do for those you love.  The size or amount of the gift doesn’t really matter.  You’ve heard it a million times, but it is the thought that counts.  Also, be reasonable about spending for yourself as many of the things you are looking to purchase you really don’t need at this time.  Buy what you need, not what you want and you will have more than enough for the holidays and into the New Year.  Friends seem to get you somewhat upset by doing crazy things or leaving you out of plans, but you just can’t accept every invitation anyway, can you? You never know, a friend may even ask to borrow some money, so be prepared for that eventuality.  Love life just isn’t as high on the list at this time, so if you are in a relationship/marriage, be sure to pay close attention to your loved one.  If you are alone, enjoy the solitude because things will be hopping starting in the New Year and you won’t have additional time to rest or do whatever it is you want to.


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How Long is a Planet in Each Sign?

by Vikki Anderson

The Sun 28 days in each sign * 30 years in your sun sign
The Moon 29.5 days in orbit * 2.5 days in each sign
Mercury Time of orbit: 88 days  * 7 days in each sign
Venus Time of orbit: 224.7 days * 19 days in each sign
Mars Time of orbit: 687 days * 60 days in each sign
Jupiter Time of orbit: 11.86 years * 12 months in each sign
Saturn Time of orbit: 29.5 years * 2.5 years in each sign
Uranus Time of orbit: 84.2 years * 7 years in each sign
Neptune Time of orbit: 164.8 years * 14.5 years in each sign
Pluto Time of orbit: 248.4 years * 20 years in each sign