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August 2017 Horoscopes

Important dates this month:  the Lunar Eclipse on the 7th and the Solar Eclipse on the 21st.

The Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Both the solar and lunar eclipses this month are in positive signs.  The male or positive signs are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.  All other signs are considered to be the feminine or negative signs.  The solar eclipse is in Leo and the lunar eclipse is in Aquarius.  It has been some time that eclipses helped the positive signs.  In fact, it has been years since we have had a positive solar eclipse and that is why so many signs have been experiencing negativity, problems, hurdles, added responsibilities, depression, upset, fears, doubts, worries and anxieties.  When an eclipse is not in your positive or negative group, it does not give you ample opportunity or positive energy to make things go your way.  Things get blown out of proportion and life gets difficult.  They could result in issues with: family, partners, work, health or money and so many other areas of life.  Now you know one of the reasons why life isn’t treating you fairly.

But now that the eclipses are in positive signs, it will help us understand and resolve so many issues that we have lived with for far too long.  It will mend relationships, whether romantic, friendships or career, and it will help us sort out what our next steps in life should be.  What are your goals?  This is a great time to deal with your wish list of what you really want to happen in your life to help push you forward.  I usually don’t work with lunar eclipses too much because their effect is less than a month, but if you do, it rules your emotional life and your level of sensitivity.  It can heal you on so many levels as Mother Moon sends her blessings and good luck your way to deal with anything going on in your life from an emotional point of view.  However, the solar eclipse is like a video that gets played over and over again until the next one which is February 15, and then July 13 and August 11 in 2018.  So, this is a great time to plan that day as best you can.  Have time to work and play, rest, read, watch TV, exercise, start a new diet, be with friends and family you want to be with and avoid those you don’t.  It’s a great time to have a meal with your partner, family or kids so you will have more time during the next six months to do that.  Make it a special day and your next six months will also be that special.  Even if you are a negative sign, whatever you are doing on that day will also be your priorities for the next six months.  Be creative, have fun and do spend the time doing what you really want to be doing for the next six months.  Read article on under Articles to see all the things you should and should not do on an eclipse.  Make it a great one!






Full Moon

Lunar Eclipse


15 Aquarius 25

02:11 PM

Last Quarter


22 Taurus 25

09:15 PM

New Moon

Solar Eclipse


28 Leo 53

02:30 PM

First Quarter


06 Sagittarius 11

04:13 AM


Planets in the morning sky Venus
Planets in the night sky Mercury thru the 20th, Jupiter and Saturn
Retrogrades Mercury from the 12th, Saturn goes direct on the 25th, Uranus on the 3rd, Neptune and Pluto all month.
Sun enters Virgo on the 22nd.


Leo A fixed, fire sign of positive polarity
Symbol The Lion
Colors Gold and scarlet
Ruling Planet The Sun
Rules The heart and spine
Keywords Leadership, generosity, enthusiasm, creative, dramatic and powerful.


ARIES – March 20 – April 18

Your focus is changing dramatically.  You are now getting much more serious about your health, diet and exercise as well as perhaps getting into some charities so you can serve others.  Being so blessed, you want to share the blessings to the unfortunate.  Put time and energy in having some fun, romance, dealing with children or spending more time with them and generally having a wonderful time no matter what you’re doing.  Emotions are strong now and you seem so sensitive.  No one is out to get you and you really just need to calm down and see the real issues in front of you.  Your friends are there to back you up with any decision you make, but be sure to think things through carefully before making major decisions.  Dealing with romantic partners in a positive light seems like a great way to clear the path for a positive future together.  Handling limitations, responsibilities and obligations work in your best interest since you can use your intelligence to talk things through and compromise in many areas.  This seems to be a time where you are ready to leave the routine past behind and are ready for lots of fun.

’TAURUS – April 19 – May 19

Concentrating on your health is a good thing if it gets you to a doctor, otherwise, what’s the point.  So many issues can go wrong, so be sure to get a clean bill of health so you can continue to make your romantic relationships blossom.  Dealing with budgets, finances and career issues may be somewhat confusing and stressful, so this would be a great time to relax and make plans with family or friends.  You need to make many decisions. Make them! You are doing what you can do to make the situations in these areas as positive as possible, but your worry makes you rehash old issues. There seems to be so many unexpected expenditures in the near future that it would seem wise to hold off from buying all the things you want. Friends and family would love to help, but you seem to be much too secretive now and are not easily sharing your feelings or concerns.

“GEMINI – May 20 – June 20

Relationships (business, personal, romantic, friendships) are all highlighted this month.  Are you happy with these relationships or do some need to be adjusted or curtailed?  This is a perfect time to get more training or formal education.  You can also study about new and interesting traditions and philosophies.  Travel is indicated if you are willing and financially able; if not, you can have smaller day trips to local parks or events that are free or very reasonable.  You need to organize the rest of the year and figure out in which direction you should go.  Expanding your business would be great.  Even though you are juggling many projects, it does seem to be a wonderful time to take a few relaxing or fun classes.  You seem to have so many fears and worries around you and you must let many of them go. 

CANCER – June 21 – July 21

Stop worrying about finances and what you need to buy.  Whichever items you definitely need must be purchased for the good of your family and yourself.  However, don’t be an Ebenezer Scrooge.  Keep planning whatever vacations or getaways you wanted, but make sure you are getting the best price possible for accommodations and flights.  Many changes are coming your way and you should be prepared to make many good choices.  See whichever opportunities make the most sense and check them out.  As long as they seem appropriate, take them as you will be surprised at how fast you will be on the right road to a prosperous future while attracting more positive energy and opportunities. Your personal magnetism attracts many special people into your life which may be long term relationships of both friends and partners. Relationships improve. Everything you touch now turns to gold, so go for it!  Many new opportunities will be given to you so grab them or they will pass you by.

•LEO – July 22 – August 21

Career, education and philosophies are accentuated this month.  Vacations to far away shores are also highlighted for business or personal travel.  Foreigners in some way will come into your life and this is a great time to learn from another culture. Time to rise and shine.  You have so much to accomplish, but may be planning to do it all later since the nice weather is upon us.  Do one or two things daily so at the end of the week or month, you can see that you have accomplished much and will not feel guilty about taking off a day or two to relax and have fun.  You may be thinking in an exceptionally creative way to bring in romantic energy, so just enjoy. There is so much positive energy around you to help you get out, explore, move on, have fun and be in the moment, especially if there are summer time activities around you in which you wish to participate.  Long distance travel seems favored, so why not take a long-needed vacation?  

VIRGO – August 22 – September 21

You are getting more logical, analytical and logical about work.  You don’t want anything to go wrong within your career so you are stepping up and doing “too much” extra work.  Superiors are appreciative of your work, so just keep doing whatever it is you are doing.  You don’t have to strive to be a one person team!  Friends are important now, so make sure you know who are your true friends and who are using you for some reason.  One of the lessons you should learn now is that friends will give you reciprocal energy and help you whenever you need assistance rather than always taking from you.  Weeding out those who exhaust you would be in your best interest.  Many decisions need to be made, so think about them carefully before making them.  Don’t make snap decisions, but once you’ve decided on a course of action, stay with your plan.  Changes in work also seem to be imminent.  This seems like a good time to talk things over at work and at home with those important to you so you both parties are clearly understood.

LIBRA – September 22 – October 22

Friendships, groups, associations, hopes, dreams and wishes are emphasized, so do whatever you can on the eclipse to make a wish list of what you want to happen for yourself and perhaps your partner, family or children, during the next six months.  Be proactive is asking for direction to issues, a path to take for harmonious relationships, or in controlling your finances a little bit better.  Whatever the issue, make a concerted effort to be positive and full of hope on the eclipse so your wishes may come true.  Your decisiveness will be challenged.  Even though you do not have an easy time making decisions, it is imperative that you stop procrastinating and decide in which direction you really want to go. Be assertive, take the risk and move forward. Staying in a procrastination energy field will only attract more negativity and make you feel as if you don’t have any options left.  Much activity seems to push you into many directions that you never thought you would go.  You are just too trusting of everyone, but you must remember that not everyone is as honest as you, so you would be best not to take everyone at their word without question.  Foreign travel, higher education or lectures and classes seem to help you grow in so many ways.

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 20

This is the month that changes come to you for your own best interest.  Perhaps you have felt the changes starting to occur.  You want to look a bit different and think more logically about so many things that are going on in your life.  Picking up new books with interesting topics will also be of interest to you.  Finances may be strained or you are saving for an object or project that is very important to you.  Nevertheless, you should budget your money carefully and only spend what you deem appropriate for the things you need.  Being very determined and persistent will help you get what you want, but you really have to be serious about your goals and objectives.  So many issues seem to be coming up around your financial security and choices that it may seem overwhelming.  You need time for yourself to rejuvenate and relax.  Why not go to a movie or sporting event with your significant other or close friend?  Responsibilities seem to play an important role this month with close friends and family members.  Talk things over, discuss alternatives and then make your decisions about your next step.   

SAGITTARIUS – November 21 – December 20

Money is the issue this month whether you must learn how to spend it or save it properly, dealing with inheritances, or that money is coming into your hands, but just as quickly, it is going out.  Budgets are the best thing for you to follow now.  Family issues keep you in a constant state of flux.  You have so many good intentions and plans that may be thwarted on some level.  You seem to have to take care of many responsibilities and obligations, but in the long run, once you handle these situations now you will have more time to concentrate on your leisure time activities and fun.  It would be extremely important to mend fences or let things go and move on; finally do whatever it is you feel you’ve always wanted to do.  Friends will help you through the rough spots and be available to chat with you about your concerns; they are ready to help you, so allow them to assist you as you have done so many times in the past.

CAPRICORN – December 21 – January 19

Family issues need to be dealt with and resolved.  Knowing that something is wrong within the family structure may not be that easy to believe, but you must get people talking to one another to resolve problems or hurt feelings.  It is a good time to write, read, start new endeavors, learn new programs on the computer and to rest a bit so you can have fun.  Home life and family can be challenging and there is just so much going on that is makes you a bit puzzled about your next steps.  Should you let others handle their issues or should you get involved? Does it make sense for you to try to handle more responsibilities or do you feel that others should take the responsibility for their actions?  Home and business life needs to be balanced.  More quality time seems necessary with those you love.  Your loved ones, especially children, will relish the thought of being able to play with their parent(s) or go on outings together.  This will increase bonding and relationships will change in a most positive way. They will appreciate your effort and try to be more understanding when you once again become the workaholic they are so used to having in their lives.  Have fun and lighten up!

AQUARIUS – January 19 — February 17

Communication is important now so be strong and talk to the person(s) that have offended you or who didn’t understand what you saying a short while ago.  Make things right.  Deal with any hurt feelings (both yours and others) and try to decide how you should handle it.  You are not one for confrontation; however, it would be great to get all of the hurt feelings or misunderstandings out of the way. Career choices and home life seem to be at odds again.  You have too much to do in both areas of life and your health seems to be suffering.  A bit more rest will do wonders for your stamina and general overall health.  Thinking in new creative ways helps you have a flair for redecorating your home or landscaping your property.  You want to surround yourself with peaceful and beautiful things and flowers or a vegetable garden seem to be the answer for now.  You need to reconnect to spirit.  Prayer and meditation will help you find your way. Your energy level is drained, so why are you handling the problems of others?  You need some down time away from everyone else’s issues; you need time to unwind and take care of your own life and the issues that are on your mind.

œPISCES – February 18 – March 19

Home life seems to be the main interest this month.  You should take time to see where you can improve your home or sacred space and make it more cozy and warm.  Do you need to give your home or apartment a facelift?  A new coat of paint can certainly make a dreary room sunny or you can start adding accessories with lively shades that match your color schemes.  This would also be a good time to deal with any leftover situations that have not been clarified or dealt with in some time.  Ignoring them won’t make them go away! Love life can make you crazy if you let it, but if you use your intellect and common sense you will be able to handle anything that comes your way.  Be very clear about your intent and let people know that you want to resolve any unfinished business quickly so that you will be attracting more positive energy into your life rather than negative.  Many changes seem to follow you around and you’re not quite sure what to do.  Relationships do not make sense any longer and you feel as if something has to change.  Your actions do not reflect what you really feel inside your heart and you seem to struggle to understand what it is that you want out of life at this time.  A career change seems likely so you may have a chance to follow your passion.