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January Horoscopes 2018

Important Dates:  January 1, New Year’s Day; January 15, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; and January 31, Lunar Eclipse in Leo.

Ever hear the expression, “Once in a blue moon?”  A blue moon is when a month has two full moons which seems to come around every year and a half. 

Remember, as I say every January, the astrological dates may be different for each sun sign than your original birth sign.  Every year, a few signs move one day before or after the date of particular signs the year before.  You are still the sun sign you were originally born.

New Year, New Beginnings

Every New Year’s Eve most people make up a list of New Year resolutions.  Many of them are a testimony to the intent of the individual.  I will eat more healthily; I will be kinder to everyone.  I will be patient; I will help out with more charities and/or church outreach programs, etc.

Think of New Year as a virgin chart or map that can take many unexpected turns; it can have highways, interstates, small town dirt roads with one light or cities with a stop light at every block.  You pave the way for your life to unfold in the New Year.  Saying you are going to do this or that is very commendable, but most resolutions don’t last more than two weeks.  These are your goals or aspirations to make yourself a better person, but many resolutions are a complete turnaround to who you truly are.  It’s kind of hard to keep on that new unexplored road.  Why not just let the year unfold before you and then deal with each opportunity or challenge as it comes along.  We really don’t know what changes or obstacles lie ahead of us, but the only thing that can define us as a positive person is how we react to the situation that is unraveling around is.  Will you freak out? Will you blame others?  Will you be there for someone who needs your guidance or help or will you just let them drown in the negative circumstances around them and walk away? The New Year is like baby energy.  Everything is new, everything is a different experience.  You learn by dealing with each instance or circumstance individually and then learn through experience as to whether it was a positive or negative event that you would want to repeat or not.  You can gently coax life into a specific direction or towards a particular outcome, but it is rare that you can totally change the whole experience.

Don’t try to drastically change yourself.  You are you for a reason.  You may wish to alter one or two of your more negative qualities, if you’d like, but the New Year gives you new reasons and fresh ideas about what you may wish to have in your future and what you may wish to avoid.  Start there first and then plan on being the best person you can be and that’s all you need to do to enjoy your 2018 New Year.  Happy New Year to all.

Full Moon           01       11 Cancer 38          09:24 PM
Last Quarter           08       18 Libra 36          05:25 PM
New Moon          16       26 Cap 54          09:17 PM
First Quarter          24       04 Taurus 53          05:20 PM
Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse          31       11 Leo 37         08:27 AM


Planets in the morning sky Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn from the 8th.
Planets in the night sky None.
Retrogrades Uranus goes direct on the 3rd.
The sun will go into Aquarius on the 19th.


ARIES –  March 20 – April 18

There will be some unexpected surprises during the New Year month.  Expect everything and you won’t be surprised when it happens.  Partnerships need a romantic boost and perhaps some more activity in whichever way the two of you have fun.  Get out and enjoy yourselves.  Even though the holidays have been exhausting, you two need alone time together.  Work will continue to go well and friends will be as supportive as ever.  Try to do some new things such as writing, artwork, crafting, or attending a few new classes on new subjects you always wanted to try.

TAURUS – April 18 – May 19

There is so much you want to do and you don’t know what to do first.  First off, relax and chill now that the holidays are behind you.  Spending time with family and friends for the holidays were exhausting, but you had a great time renewing old friendships and catching up on family happenings.  Being mindful of your budget would be a good thing since you may have spent a bit more money than you had anticipated on holiday gifts and travel.  Some issues with your partner may overwhelm or confuse you, but don’t jump to conclusions.  Everything will work out for the best interest of the two of you.

GEMINI – “ May 20 – June 20

Getting finances in order would be a good task for the New Year.  Start saving a little bit extra, if possible, and pay down those credit cards or store charges.  You don’t need that kind of pressure hanging over your head.  In the meantime, get back into your studies, whether it’s research for formal education or personal curiosity.  Teaching some of the subjects you know well will bring in some additional income that will be a blessing.  Writing, sewing, crocheting or art would be perfect pastimes for those cold winter nights.  Get those creative juices flowing again. Getting close with family and friends will help you to deal with the winter easier and force to get you out of the house.

CANCER –  June 21 – July 21

Home life becomes more important now even though things have slowed down after the holidays.  You may want to redecorate your home or think about indoor painting to change the feel of your home.  More time is spent with your partner and children and you will have more time to go out to lunch or dinner and find out what they have been up to.  Your career may be a bit demanding, but with some shifting of priorities, you will have all the time you need to be with the ones you love.  Some minor issues with your partner may make you a bit stressed, but it will be short lived.  Taking care of yourself and what you need for the new year is of major importance. 

LEO – July 22 – August 22

It’s time to stop worrying about others and take care of yourself, your goals, dreams, and aspirations.  Friends look to you for guidance, but it would be so nice if you could talk to others about your issues for a change.  You hold too much negativity inside from everyone telling you their sad stories.  Release this negative energy by prayer, burning white sage or meditation.  You need to attract more positive energy now and do not need to be constantly surrounded by negative vibrations or people.  Extensive changes are going on within you.  Deal with the things in your life that make sense to you and that you want to follow or do.  Now is the time to start fresh in making others know that you will help when you can, but you may not always be available because you are taking care of yourself for a change.

VIRGO – August 23 – September 21

After all the pressures of the holidays and you wanting everything to go perfectly, it is a time to relax and replenish your energy.  It is also a time to seriously take care of your health and that might include a yearly physical if you have been putting it off or getting a symptom looked at by a health care professional.  Delve back into metaphysics or esoterica. Organize your thoughts in a journal which would be helpful in understanding some things you have gone through.  Taking note of your dreams would also be helpful.  It seems you are looking for answers and this may help.  Spirituality is at the forefront of the year for you so make the most of it.

LIBRA – September 22 – October 22

What a lucky time for you.  Things are going in a very good direction and can only get better.  Even if life throws you some curve balls, you will come through them just fine.  Partnerships are important now so make sure you are tending to the one you love.  If not in a relationship, this may be the perfect opportunity to make your intention known to the universe that you want a romantic significant other that would be in both your best interests.  You are ready to have a serious relationship, so keep the door open on that issue.  You may be trying to reinvent yourself and may want to spice up your life with a makeover, new hairdo, new hair color or new makeup.  Go for it.  It’s fun to make these little changes as they give us a new spark to attract others to you.

SCORPIO  October 23 – November 21

This is a perfect time to get all of your priorities in order.  You may be doing more thinking than doing at this time, but when your list of things to do is completed, you will be motivated to start getting things done.  Good luck is blessing you now in relationships and anything that you have a partner in, whether it is with family, friends or co-workers.  A collaboration would have positive results.  Share your ideas at work and with those closest to you and accept help in making them come to fruition.  This is a time to shine, so think about what you really want to do in this new year and start making plans to make them come true.

SAGITTARIUS – November 22 – December 20

After the holidays, organize your finances and it would be to your benefit to save more than you have in the past. You never know when that rainy day will appear and you will be prepared. Also, update your important papers, bank accounts, wills and life insurances for revised beneficiaries so that your wishes will be carried out when the time rolls around.  It seems to be a time where you may be misunderstood so be sure that everyone understands your intent.  Small quarrels might arise from misunderstandings, so be sure that doesn’t happen and be very clear about what you mean.  Many unexpected changes in your way of thinking or your belief systems may be confusing at first, but all will make sense to you and you will be happy with the results.

CAPRICORN – December 21 – January 18

So much energy around you and so little time!  You want to do everything and try new things and get out of a rut you may have recently felt that you were in.  New energy for in-depth study, putting your whole being into new subjects or areas of life, and just enjoying yourself is at hand.  You may even feel the need to improve your romantic relationship or look for one as this is the time when things in this area seem very important to you.  Taking things more seriously than before is also a change that you will feel, not that you haven’t been serious about life before, but you are more aware of what you want to accomplish to make your life complete and you are ready to do what it takes.

AQUARIUS –  January 19 – February 17

So much is going around you.  You have been in a whirlwind that you haven’t had time to take a breath and do anything for yourself.  This is a good time to relax, rejuvenate and refresh your goals and dreams for the upcoming year.  Start handling one small personal thing at a time and you will be surprised at how much you will have accomplished within a week, month or year.  Other areas, such as work, will continue to be busy, but it seems you have a handle on it.  Just be sure to leave work at a normal hour from time to time, you do need a personal life as well.  Perhaps deciding on getting a romantic partner who would be a good influence on you to have some fun. It’s just a thought, but one that I think would make you happy and look forward to the new year.

PISCES – œFebruary 18 – March 19

There is a lot of energy focusing on secrets, hidden truths and perhaps some people who are outright lying to you, so double check information gotten from others before you make decisions based on their half-truths.  Gossip will only get you into trouble now, so use your intellect to squash rumors no matter how juicy they seem.  If not, they will come back to haunt you in some way. Spirituality may have recently been pushed to the side. Perhaps meditation or prayer would also be a good way of getting back into your belief system.  Be sure you are getting enough rest and eating properly so that your health stays satisfactory. If you feel some additional exercise is warranted, by all means, add that to your 2018 goals.


Vikki Anderson has been a metaphysical teacher, writer and lecturer for over 45 years.  Call 570-215-4223 for a confidential tarot or astrology phone reading or to get more information about an in-home Feng Shui consultation. Please visit her websites: and


Introduction Workshops with Vikki Anderson

The classes below will be held at
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All classes will be held from 7:00 – 9:00 PM.
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Introduction to Tarot with Vikki Anderson
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Introduction to Feng Shui with Vikki Anderson
Feng Shui is a 5,000 year old Chinese tradition which uses colors, positions of furniture, elements and cures (objects that release negativity) to bring harmony to your sacred space, home or office.  We will look at the Bagua (Chinese energy floor plan) to see where your space may need to be more energized and abundant. Please bring in a pencil drawing of one floor in your house or apartment noting windows and doors. If there is time, we will have a Q & A at the end of class. You will learn a lot of information, so bring a recorder or pad and pen.
This class will be rescheduled.
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November Horoscopes 2017

Important dates: November 1, All Saints Day; 7th, Election Day; and the 23rd, Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most traveled holidays of the year and it is any wonder that it is? This day signifies being with family and friends whom you love and want a relationship with even though you may be separated by distance throughout the year, whether for college reasons, a new career or a spouses job change, we all try to come together during the holidays to be with the people we love.

Being through personal difficulties since December 28th when my father passed from pneumonia, then my brother unexpectedly died of a stroke while I was having hip surgery in January, a very good friend passed on St. Patrick’s Day and a woman (my first astrology teacher, Freda Flood who had been like a second mom to me for 48 years), died on Memorial Day, I now fully understand what Thanksgiving is all about. Its about being surrounded by those who make you who you are. Its being around the people who have always supported you when perhaps no one else did, or those who were always there no matter what the circumstances. Its about people loving you for you and not for your accomplishments, your status or how much money you had in the bank. It is about unconditional love between the two of you that no external force could change.

I encourage you to be with your relatives and friends during this holiday season and be grateful for them, even if you think theyre strange or odd! Embrace them. Because once theyre gone, you will no longer have their wisdom, knowledge, love, compassion and friendship to guide you through the rest of your life. I miss my family and friends a great deal, but they will always live on in my heart. My sincere wish for you is to have all those people whom you love with you on Thanksgiving Day and for the rest of the holidays. Show them your love; its important.





Full Moon


11 Taurus 59

01:23 AM

Last Quarter


18 Leo 38

03:36 PM

New Moon


26 Scorpio 19

06:42 AM

First Quarter


04 Pisces 38

12:03 PM

Planets in the morning sky Venus thru the 28th, Mars, and Jupiter from the 9th. Dont confuse Venus with Jupiter mid-month. Venus is brighter.
Planets in the night sky Mercury and Saturn. Mercury is brighter than Saturn.
Retrogrades Uranus all month and Neptune goes Direct on the 22nd.
The sun will go into Sagittarius on November 21.


ARIES – March 20 April 18

Get ready for many family discussions about the holidays and other matters that keep you on your toes. You thought a lot of this madness was behind you; however, you have a little bit more to go. Deal with issues as they happen and dont respond as you always do react instead. The calmer you remain, the calmer the situation will be. This is a great time to get things settled with siblings and family members in general. If having the holidays at your home, be prepared ahead of time and dont let others tell you what you should have or who you should invite. It is time to set some boundaries. Finances may be too confusing now to make a final decision on what needs to be done, but start the process going.

TAURUS – April 19 May 19

You are surprised, but family life seems to improve. You are getting your way about holiday plans and are deciding whether or not to have the Thanksgiving dinner at your home. If not practical, you may be deciding what you need to make for the occasion and take it to another family members home. For a holiday season, you tend to be a bit under the weather or somewhat depressed. Maybe its the holidays, but it seems as if you need to get things decided in your life and you may even have to move on with or dismiss plans that you have already made. Career gets crazy and you feel as if you are overburdened with stress and continuous questions from people who could not possibly know what you are going through.

GEMINI – May 20 June 20

Love issues may be stirring and you may have to make some difficult decisions about your romantic future. Being too sensitive now will not help you decide what you need to do to be happy. Handle your concerns with intellect and logic and you will make perfect decisions. Your creativity and artistic abilities are proven over and over again. You get into so many different areas of expertise that you sometimes even amaze yourself. Asking what you could make or bring to a family gathering will be very much appreciated, but if you are too busy, stopping at a gourmet bakery or fruit shop will keep you in good graces. Its the thought that counts.

CANCER – June 21 July 21

Even though you may be invited out or having a special get together at your home for the holidays, make sure you have plenty of alone time to spend with the one you love. You may need some special time together to get over any disagreements or things that have not been settled. Partnerships are going well. Different viewpoints need to be considered and a compromise that will benefit both of you would be best. Career is going well and there may even be some interesting changes that you will be quite surprised with. This is a good time to stand up for yourself and let others know that you now have boundaries which they may not cross.

LEO – July 22 August 21

Be efficient, effective, and organized this month. People are depending upon you. Money issues can be dealt with properly and easily if you just realize that some habits may have to change. You can be the most delightful host/hostess when you want to be, so put on that smile, make the best dinner you could possibly make and if there are any negative people at your gathering, ignore them for the sake of the holiday. There’s always one to bring everyone else down, but it is not going to happen to you this year. You are prepared, you feel energized and ready for anything. Keep the peace within the family and especially keep an eye on your partner.

VIRGO – August 22 September 21

Many new positive changes will affect you and your partner. Money issues may really start to annoy the both of you as it is being spent without thinking what your partner would say. Some compromise and good conversation are all that is needed to deflate the possible explosion of emotion. If money is tight during the holidays, you can always ask family and friends to bring a side dish or dessert (as well as their favorite drink) to your holiday dinner. Many people do this, so join the club so you do not have to get stressed out. Your creativity and innovative ideas will help get you that promotion or more responsibility for more money that you’ve been dreaming of.

LIBRA September 22 October 22

You seem to be very sensitive and overly emotional now. Nothing is as bad as all that and you know you can handle life if you take care of things one thing at a time or one day at a time. Handle the responsibilities and obligations you were meant to. The holidays should actually make you feel more confident about your life; getting into the spirit with decorations and gift giving will be an absolute joy for you. Partnerships confuse you and you just need to be more self confident and gather up your inner strength and courage to make important decisions. Do not procrastinate too long on important decisions because some of the opportunities will pass you by. Traveling for the holidays is a possibility if you can find the money and decide on where you would like to go.

SCORPIO – October 23 November 20

There is much intense energy going on in your life especially in career. Good opportunities are on their way and there may even be a raise or promotion in the near future. If having any festivities at your home, be sure to do a little each day so that you are not overwhelmed at home. You need to clean the house one day, prepare food on the next day and then cook everything on the third. You will be so organized that you will amaze others with your organizational skills. In this way, you may also join your guests because everything will be ready ahead of time. There seems to be an abundance of good luck and interesting decisions that will lead you into new beginnings and new ventures. Be open to change.

SAGITTARIUS – November 21 December 20

Think of inviting friends to your home that may not have anywhere to go during the holidays. Even if you are fortunate enough to have family and friends around you, not everyone does, so count your blessings. Friendships will be very important now, so be prepared to know who is or is not your friend. When new people come into your life that seems as if they want to be your new best friend, be very careful about telling them many secrets. Deception, secrets and talking behind your back (gossip from jealousy or envy) is very probable. Stand up for yourself and dont pretend you dont know it exists. If you dont stand up for yourself, it just gets worse. Saving more can help you long term. Just buy what you need and not what you want at this time.

CAPRICORN – December 21 January 18

There seems to be a total change in the way you perceive things; you also want to change what you are not happy with. Your personal style, wardrobe and perhaps even holiday decorations or traditions are all equally on the chopping block. Caps want to looker younger, thinner, and healthier and so you start many new regiments of a healthier you from exercising to eating better. You are also trying to be calmer and may even want to study meditation or learn how to contact your angels for whatever blessings you need in your life. As far as the holidays, it depends on what you want to do now. It seems like a small intimate dinner for Thanksgiving is on the agenda. You are getting tired of too many people around you, especially those who are always needy and asking you for favors.

AQUARIUS – January 19 – February 17

You are so good with money and you are doing even more in budgeting what you have and trying to get the most of your funds. The holidays are going to be a bit more frugal this year (as with most people), but you are going to shop at sales, auctions, flea markets and thrift stores and will do very well. If having the Thanksgiving holiday at your home, be decisive and ask others to bring the things you will need to make your generosity go a little bit further. A bottle of liquor or appetizers are always a nice way for others to participate in the holiday. Do you want to start your own home-based business? Many decisions need to be made so you can move forward without any interruption in your routine. You need to leave the stress behind.

PISCES February 18 March 19

Your finances seem to be going in a much better direction if you dont do something ridiculous like gamble or play the lottery. Keep extra funds in a bank so you can save to have whatever it is you need. This is not the time to buy anything that you want now and you can get those items by just putting them on your Christmas list. If Thanksgiving is at your home, why not make it fun by having an early afternoon buffet lunch and then having finger foods later in the day with coffee and desserts. This type of set up will keep the pressure off of you and will allow others to mingle and chat with one another. You may want to learn many different religions or metaphysical subjects or just may want to take new classes that will help you on a spiritual level.


Rev. Vikki Anderson has been a metaphysical teacher, writer and lecturer for over 45 years. Call 570-215-4223 for a confidential tarot or astrology phone reading or to get more information about an in-home Feng Shui consultation. Websites: and

October Horrorscopes 2017

Important dates:  Sukkoth and Harvest Moon on the 5th, Columbus Day on the 9th, United Nations’ Day 24th and Orionids meteor showers on the 24th and Halloween/Samhain on the 31st.

Samhain is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the “darker half” of the year. Traditionally, it is celebrated from 31 October to 1 November, as the Celtic day began and ended at sunset.

Also called:  Samhuinn/Samhainn (Scottish Gaelic); Sauin (Manx Gaelic).

Celebrations:  Bonfires, guising/mumming, divination, feasting, trick or treating.

Significance: End of the harvest season, beginning of winter. 

As millions of children and adults participate in the fun of Halloween on the night of October 31st, few will be aware of its ancient Celtic roots in the Samhain (Samain) festival. In Celtic Ireland about 2,000 years ago, Samhain was the division of the year between the lighter half (summer) and the darker half (winter). At Samhain, the division between this world and the other world was at its thinnest, allowing spirits to pass through.

The family’s ancestors were honored and invited home whilst harmful spirits were warded off. People wore costumes and masks to disguise themselves as harmful spirits and thus avoid harm. Bonfires and food played a large part in the festivities. The bones of slaughtered livestock were cast into a communal fire, household fires were extinguished and started again from the bonfire. Food was prepared for the living and the dead, food for the ancestors who were in no position to eat it, was ritually shared with the less well off.

Christianity incorporated the honoring of the dead into the Christian calendar with All Saints (All Hallows) on November 1st, followed by All Souls on November 2nd. The wearing of costumes and masks to ward off harmful spirits survived as Halloween customs. The Irish emigrated to America in great numbers during the 19th century especially around the time of potato famine in Ireland during the 1840’s. The Irish carried their Halloween traditions to America, where today it is one of the major holidays of the year. Other traditions through time have blended into Halloween, for example the American harvest time tradition of carving pumpkins.*


Full Moon/Harvest Moon 05 12 Aries 43 02:40 PM
Last Quarter 12 19 Cancer 22 08:25 AM
New Moon 19 26 Libra 35 03:12 PM
First Quarter 27 04 Aquarius 41 06:22 PM


Planets in the morning sky Venus and Mars.
Planets in the evening sky Mercury from the 23rd, Jupiter thru the 13th and Saturn
Retrogrades Uranus, and Neptune goes direct on the 22nd.
The sun will go into Scorpio on the 23rd.


ARIES – March 20 – April 18

Some personal changes seem to be on the horizon as well.  You are thinking with more determination and showing more persistence in what you want to do. You are taking the bull by the horns and doing what you feel is right for you.  The work place needs to be more nurturing as it is currently a place of stress, exhaustion and never-ending tasks and responsibilities.  It would be in your best interest if you could rest more, go out with friends or family, and have a good time. Home life may bring some unexpected changes which will take you by surprise.  In the end, these are good changes which push you into an environment or situation which is much more positive than your current circumstances.

’TAURUS – April 19 – May 19

This is a month where you can truly have some fun with your family and friends.  Romance is also very interesting now.  Your schedule is tiresome.  You work long hours and they need to be adjusted for better health. You over do everything. Your friends may cause you some issues and as usual you have to save the day, but all in all, a good month filled with some surprises, good luck and lots of activity.  You will be going places, having guests visit your home and you may even host a Halloween party at the last minute. You don’t have to do all the cooking or entertaining.  Ask friends to bring their special gourmet dish so that everyone shares in the cooking expense.

“GEMINI – May 20 – June 20

Getting in touch with your feminine side is important to understand why you help so many.  You are the caregiver or caretaker of your family and friends.  Focus on your goals and dreams, move towards them a little each day and before you know it, you have reached your dreams and have proved to everyone that you can do whatever it is you want to do.  Relationships seem to blossom and are progressing smoothly. Business and personal partnerships (marriage included) go in a much more positive direction; however, you may be thinking of a time to change partners in a relationship if you are bored or feel as if the oomph has left your relationship.  The choice is yours. 

CANCER – June 21 – July 21
Update all important papers when you have the time. Getting your finances in order is a good thing.  Friends will get you out of the house and encourage you to have fun.  There is so much you want to accomplish, so start with one project or task at a time and soon you will have many projects done.  This is a time to show your creativity and craftsmanship with Halloween costumes for the little ones or for yourself if you go out with your friends.  This is a great time to start making presents for the December holiday gift giving season. Homemade gifts are always appreciated and remembered.

•LEO – July 22 – August 21
Dealing with women can be interesting as it seems that arguing is eminent.  Be careful of your words because you apparently annoy some of the women in your life.  It’s a good time to travel or continue with your studies towards a degree or certification.  This is an amazing time to buckle down and study hard as the rewards will be greater than you thought.  It’s also a time where your philosophies of life may change, whether religious, spiritual or mundane; you are looking at life from many different perspectives.  Ideas that you thought you believed may surprise you and you seem to be turning towards another belief or point of view.

VIRGO – August 22 – September 21
You need to change something important in your life. Be direct, get answers, change what needs to be changed and move forward in a very positive manner.  Everything is before you now, so handle those responsibilities and deliver on your promises to others. Your career is interesting and challenging at the same time.  You are interested in furthering your career, but are unsure if it will be in the same field or with the same company.  The options are all around you and you will do well in either your current company or finding employment elsewhere.  Your contribution to either will be beneficial.  You have ambition now and do not want to be at the bottom of the ladder. 

LIBRA – September 22 – October 22

This is a month where you shine in almost everything you do.  Librans are feeling a sense of total accomplishment.  Even though many recent changes have made you take another path, this is a good thing.  You will be self-sufficient and learn how to make good decisions for yourself now.  You are happy, feel confident and your self-esteem level is at an all-time high.  You are pursuing things that you left on the back burner for too long and getting so many things done. Thinking about travel, fun, doing things differently and making important decisions are all on your mind.

˜SCORPIO – October 23 – November 20
Friends, groups and associations are important now as well as getting to know who your true friends are and who are the ones who use you on a regular basis.  Even though many of the changes in your life the last couple of months are of your doing, things are still a bit confused and unsettled.  Big changes take a long time to get used to and to work properly.  Helping out your family and friends seem to be your never-ending lot in life, but at some point, you need to take care of yourself.  You may experience a bit of sadness or depression since you feel that you have trusted so many around you and find out that there have been a few betrayals.  You will bounce back because you do have so many other wonderful people in your life who truly love and care for you.

SAGITTARIUS – November 21 – December 20

What a great month to reinvent yourself.  Get a makeover, or perhaps a new hair cut or color.  It doesn’t have to be a party for anything in particular, but just have the people around you who mean a lot to you. It’s a great time to catch up and find out what has been going on in everyone’s lives. So many positive changes are coming your way within your home life and/or career. For you snowbirds, it’s time to get everything organized and focused for your six- month trek down South for the winter.  You feel refreshed and exuberant about your life and want others to share the joy you feel at this time.  Have a party to show how much you appreciate your family and friends.

CAPRICORN – December 21 – January 18

Family relationships improve as long as you don’t talk about money. Sibling relationships in particular start to take on a new, closer direction.  A lot of good fortune and luck will be available to you now, so it would be good if you planned in which areas of your life you will take a chance, move forward or change something that isn’t quite right.  Getting expert opinions about how to make your money grow would be a positive step to ensuring your future financial security.  Figuring out what you can and cannot do would be an important step to realizing how you can live your life without draining your resources.

AQUARIUS – January 19 — February 17

Family is important now.  Helping out where you can is very much appreciated. Being drained is not going to help you achieve your goals.  Limit the amount of time you talk to those who really need your help as they are draining the life out of you. Being tired at work is unacceptable and will make your performance on the job mediocre, so you do need to get a good night’s sleep.  Let your troubles and negative thoughts leave you when it is bedtime.  You are always there for the underdog anyway or ready to help a family member with any issue or concern that comes their way.  Be sure that you also take care of yourself as well.

œPISCES – February 18 – March 19
What a wonderful time to start an art or music class. You seem to be very artistic and creative, so whatever you feel are your strengths should now be recognized and nurtured.  You have unbelievable talent in many areas, but you need to focus that energy on finding out what your passion is so you will always enjoy what you create.  Teaching others your creative gifts would be a blessing to so many. Things may not always be the way they seem.  You are being drawn into obscure and bizarre circumstances with family, friends and neighbors.  It is up to you to make sure that everyone is on the same page or at the very least sees reality in these areas of conflict or difficulty.  Speak carefully to others as you may feel it is imperative to tell a fib or two and then you will get caught.


Vikki Anderson has been a metaphysical teacher, writer and lecturer for over 45 years.  Please contact her at her PA phone number: 570-215-4223 for a confidential tarot or astrology phone reading or to get more information about an in-home Feng Shui consultation. and


September Horoscopes 2017

Special days this month are: Labor Day on the 4th, Grandparents’ Day on the 10th, Rosh Hashanah begins on the 21st as well as International Day of Peace.


Add your birth month, day and year together.  1 + 1 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 1 = 22 = 2 + 2 = 4. Add these numbers together and get them down to a single digit.  Brief descriptions follow:

1 – Male energy, a leader, ambition, attainment, happiness, fulfillment, glory, individualism, the self, arrogance, initiation, dominant, creative, birth, unique and all fire.

2 – Submission number, female energy, represents the other, love, adaptability, dance, devotion, the subconscious, water, twin flame, mediation, consideration, cooperation, dualism and balance.

3 – Denotes multiples, The Holy Trinity, faith, hope and charity, speech, wit, art, sensuality, immaturity, passion, creativity, surprise, change, sex, and culture.

4 – Stability, justice, earth, the conscious mind, civilization, traditional, profit, health, conviction, wisdom, progress, power and a good foundation.

5 – This number stands for the visionary, opportunities, symbols, story-telling, adventure, imagination, the subconscious mind, freedom, healing, choices, unconditional love, mercy, resourcefulness, the New Age, an assistant, invention and expansion.

6 – The protector, healer, children, empathetic tendencies, intuition, sympathy, sensitivity, sustenance, community, circulation, charity, balance, sorcery, simplicity and a nurturing spirit.

7 – The analyst, thinker, science, study, literature, logic, secrets, religion, rituals, knowledge, isolation, chastity, dignity, the collective consciousness, genius, and myth.

8 – Manifestation number including wealth, power, material well-being, the ego, business, employment, appearance, customs, exchange, reality, riches, investments and world transformation.

9 – The humanitarian, religious, spiritual, philanthropic, duty-bound, hardship, the higher self, spirit guides, faith, angel on Earth, faith in mankind, optimist, self-sacrifice, karma, Divine Wisdom.

Full Moon 06 13 Pisces 53 03:03 AM
Last Quarter 13 20 Gemini 40 02:25 AM
New Moon 20 27 Virgo 27 01:30 AM
First Quarter 27 05 Capricorn 11 10:53 PM


Planets in the morning sky Mercury from the 4th-28th; Venus, and Mars from the 12th.  Do not confuse Mercury with Mars mid-month.  Mercury is brighter.  Do not confuse Venus with Mars late-month; Venus is brighter.
Planets in the night sky Jupiter and Saturn
Retrogrades Mercury until the 5th, Uranus and Neptune all month, and Pluto goes direct on the 28th.
The sun will go into Libra on the Autumnal Equinox on September 22.


ARIES – March 20 – April 18

Luck is behind you if you stand firm and decide you are going to make your life more positive and happy. Consider what steps you need for a happier and healthier life and start going in that direction a little each day. You feel a bit overwhelmed and confused about your direction in life and perhaps the universe is doing you a favor by forcing you to choose and/or make some important decisions. Creativity, romance and children are all being dealt with in a positive manner.  If you are in a rut or are doing the same thing over and over again with little results, it’s no wonder that the universe is pushing you into a new direction.

’TAURUS – April 19 – May 19

This is a great time to start new beginnings, perhaps look into buying a home instead of renting or to get a better job rather than being upset all of the time at your current one. It seems you are thinking about changing jobs because of office politics or because you feel you deserve more money.  It is about time that people give back some of the time and energy you have given them throughout the years. Health and partnerships go hand in hand this month. Pay attention to details so life can move in a forward direction. Even though times are extremely busy and confusing, there is a period where you will be lucky and things will expand beyond your dreams.

GEMINI – May 20 – June 20

Romantic and business partnerships are on the agenda.  How do they seem to be going?  Did you need to change an aspect or two?  Handling important paperwork also makes you get more organized and prepared for what life may bring you.  You are a very busy person who may at times make more work for yourself than is necessary.  Make time for fun.  You can’t work 24 hours a day although you feel that you need to get ahead.  Try to pay off debt or at least pay things on time to avoid late charges.  You are trying to save for certain items or at the very least want to accumulate some money in the bank for financial security. The old cliché is true, “Take time to smell the roses” before they’re gone. 

CANCER – June 21 – July 21

Higher education and your ability to understand new philosophies or religion will be tested.  You may be considering changing your major, course or school.  Take some time to book a trip to an event you’ve always wanted to attend or to a seminar or expo you think you would benefit from. Go to your local library for some free classes on subjects you’ve always wanted to study. You are curious about so many things, but don’t seem to have the time to do much about your passion to learn. Taking on-line courses may be the way to go as you can study in the comfort of your own home in your pajamas, if you wish, and with no makeup. 

LEO – July 22 – August 21

Creativity is at a high point so take advantage of this energy and passion.  Be sure whatever you get involved in is legal, thought through and that you are not living in denial.  This is also a time where you may feel that things couldn’t get more confusing or crazy, but you are wrong!  Life is exciting now with many new positive opportunities for you to grab if you are ready to go onto your next big life’s adventure. Long distance travel may be important now, so if you haven’t taken the trip you wanted to over the summer, this may be the time.  Prices are down and the crowds are minimized.  Good luck coming to you from your career.  

VIRGO – August 22 – September 21

You will have a good deal of opportunities to prove to upper management that you are right for a new position.  Be on guard, everyone is watching you to see if you are worthy of a promotion or transfer which includes more money.  So many wonderful options are given to you about your future career or work-related life. You feel better about so many things in your life and really feel as if you are doing a good job with whatever you are trying to accomplish.  Your future looks bright and you have so many wonderful chances to make your life the way you truly want it, so go for it.  

LIBRA – September 22 – October 22

Friends are important now.  They seem to bring you good luck and will help you with whichever problems or issues you have.  This is also a great time to organize and materialize your hopes, dreams and wishes.  You take on too much and one of these days you will finally understand that others need to help you for a change and that you don’t always have to be the one to volunteer or take care of others. This is a time for you to handle your own responsibilities and to work hard to reach your goals.  Make sure you also take care of yourself by resting regularly.  You also seem to be very sensitive and have too much on your mind.  Instead of saying, “No, thanks, I can do it myself,” you are now going to say, “Yes, thank you.”  

˜SCORPIO – October 23 – November 20

There seems to be a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders and you are getting a bit angrier about not having the help you should from family.  You are ready for some changes in your life, but you have to find the areas of life you want changed and then do something about it.  It just won’t happen on its own. You may be just a little harder to get along with than usual because you have so much on your mind that you are not thinking about winning a popularity contest as well.  Life may throw you some curve balls, but you’ve been down this road before and know how to handle stress and responsibilities.  This is no different other than you will be stronger and more dedicated to getting what you want as you feel it is your turn to shine. 

SAGITTARIUS – November 21 – December 20

Take a new course, enjoy a lecture or teach a class in which you have an expertise.  Many changes are coming in the way you view yourself and your life.  You are coming out of your shell to meet the world and see what it has to offer.  The difficult times seem to be a thing of the past.  Money issues continue to on your mind so deal with personal finances as quickly as possible.  They keep you busy.  Deal with the issues that need your immediate attention and let the other issues stay on the back burner for now.  Remember that your projects are the most important even though you wish to help others.  Time management is imperative now if you want to accomplish everything. Writing or artistic projects take the center stage.  

CAPRICORN – December 21 – January 19

Dealing with finances is a good thing.  You are making your financial decisions more logically and analytically than ever before.  Get everything in order once and for all.  Things lying around the house aren’t helping you to plan a bright new future.  Financial issues need to be addressed and if you decide that money has to be moved into something safer, or if you wish to save more, and spend less, etc., this is the time you need to do it.  Your dreams are being manifested easily so you may wish to be sure what you want in your life before you start attracting things that may not be in your best interest.

AQUARIUS – January 19 — February 17

This is a time for you to enjoy your life and not stress over the small stuff, so just let things go that don’t need to be in your life.  If work isn’t going your way, it may be time to look for something else to do for a living.  Things seem to change on a daily basis.  What a great time to sit down and write a book, in your journal or plan some short trips you have wanted to take for a very long time.  Communication with those you love is important now.  Be sure you are calm when you discuss volatile matters since you can’t take back things that you say even if you apologize for them.  This is also a time when you are running on empty.

œPISCES – February 18 – March 19

Work and home life seem to be at odds, but with some clever thought, you can turn life around to suit your needs.  However, it does not mean that you should stand idly by and do nothing about your own future. You know better. Creativity and artistic abilities are your friends this month.  You are perhaps redecorating your home or doing something very creative to make your home feel fantastic.  Home life starts to fall into place now.  Things that you feel you need in your life are a real possibility if you get up the initiative to follow through with plans and dreams.  Life is interesting and confusing at the same time.


Rev. Vikki Anderson has been a metaphysical teacher, writer and lecturer for over 45 years.  Please contact her at her PA phone number: 570-215-4223 for a confidential tarot or astrology phone reading or to get more information about an in-home Feng Shui consultation. and

August 2017 Horoscopes

Important dates this month:  the Lunar Eclipse on the 7th and the Solar Eclipse on the 21st.

The Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Both the solar and lunar eclipses this month are in positive signs.  The male or positive signs are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.  All other signs are considered to be the feminine or negative signs.  The solar eclipse is in Leo and the lunar eclipse is in Aquarius.  It has been some time that eclipses helped the positive signs.  In fact, it has been years since we have had a positive solar eclipse and that is why so many signs have been experiencing negativity, problems, hurdles, added responsibilities, depression, upset, fears, doubts, worries and anxieties.  When an eclipse is not in your positive or negative group, it does not give you ample opportunity or positive energy to make things go your way.  Things get blown out of proportion and life gets difficult.  They could result in issues with: family, partners, work, health or money and so many other areas of life.  Now you know one of the reasons why life isn’t treating you fairly.

But now that the eclipses are in positive signs, it will help us understand and resolve so many issues that we have lived with for far too long.  It will mend relationships, whether romantic, friendships or career, and it will help us sort out what our next steps in life should be.  What are your goals?  This is a great time to deal with your wish list of what you really want to happen in your life to help push you forward.  I usually don’t work with lunar eclipses too much because their effect is less than a month, but if you do, it rules your emotional life and your level of sensitivity.  It can heal you on so many levels as Mother Moon sends her blessings and good luck your way to deal with anything going on in your life from an emotional point of view.  However, the solar eclipse is like a video that gets played over and over again until the next one which is February 15, and then July 13 and August 11 in 2018.  So, this is a great time to plan that day as best you can.  Have time to work and play, rest, read, watch TV, exercise, start a new diet, be with friends and family you want to be with and avoid those you don’t.  It’s a great time to have a meal with your partner, family or kids so you will have more time during the next six months to do that.  Make it a special day and your next six months will also be that special.  Even if you are a negative sign, whatever you are doing on that day will also be your priorities for the next six months.  Be creative, have fun and do spend the time doing what you really want to be doing for the next six months.  Read article on under Articles to see all the things you should and should not do on an eclipse.  Make it a great one!






Full Moon

Lunar Eclipse


15 Aquarius 25

02:11 PM

Last Quarter


22 Taurus 25

09:15 PM

New Moon

Solar Eclipse


28 Leo 53

02:30 PM

First Quarter


06 Sagittarius 11

04:13 AM


Planets in the morning sky Venus
Planets in the night sky Mercury thru the 20th, Jupiter and Saturn
Retrogrades Mercury from the 12th, Saturn goes direct on the 25th, Uranus on the 3rd, Neptune and Pluto all month.
Sun enters Virgo on the 22nd.


Leo A fixed, fire sign of positive polarity
Symbol The Lion
Colors Gold and scarlet
Ruling Planet The Sun
Rules The heart and spine
Keywords Leadership, generosity, enthusiasm, creative, dramatic and powerful.


ARIES – March 20 – April 18

Your focus is changing dramatically.  You are now getting much more serious about your health, diet and exercise as well as perhaps getting into some charities so you can serve others.  Being so blessed, you want to share the blessings to the unfortunate.  Put time and energy in having some fun, romance, dealing with children or spending more time with them and generally having a wonderful time no matter what you’re doing.  Emotions are strong now and you seem so sensitive.  No one is out to get you and you really just need to calm down and see the real issues in front of you.  Your friends are there to back you up with any decision you make, but be sure to think things through carefully before making major decisions.  Dealing with romantic partners in a positive light seems like a great way to clear the path for a positive future together.  Handling limitations, responsibilities and obligations work in your best interest since you can use your intelligence to talk things through and compromise in many areas.  This seems to be a time where you are ready to leave the routine past behind and are ready for lots of fun.

’TAURUS – April 19 – May 19

Concentrating on your health is a good thing if it gets you to a doctor, otherwise, what’s the point.  So many issues can go wrong, so be sure to get a clean bill of health so you can continue to make your romantic relationships blossom.  Dealing with budgets, finances and career issues may be somewhat confusing and stressful, so this would be a great time to relax and make plans with family or friends.  You need to make many decisions. Make them! You are doing what you can do to make the situations in these areas as positive as possible, but your worry makes you rehash old issues. There seems to be so many unexpected expenditures in the near future that it would seem wise to hold off from buying all the things you want. Friends and family would love to help, but you seem to be much too secretive now and are not easily sharing your feelings or concerns.

“GEMINI – May 20 – June 20

Relationships (business, personal, romantic, friendships) are all highlighted this month.  Are you happy with these relationships or do some need to be adjusted or curtailed?  This is a perfect time to get more training or formal education.  You can also study about new and interesting traditions and philosophies.  Travel is indicated if you are willing and financially able; if not, you can have smaller day trips to local parks or events that are free or very reasonable.  You need to organize the rest of the year and figure out in which direction you should go.  Expanding your business would be great.  Even though you are juggling many projects, it does seem to be a wonderful time to take a few relaxing or fun classes.  You seem to have so many fears and worries around you and you must let many of them go. 

CANCER – June 21 – July 21

Stop worrying about finances and what you need to buy.  Whichever items you definitely need must be purchased for the good of your family and yourself.  However, don’t be an Ebenezer Scrooge.  Keep planning whatever vacations or getaways you wanted, but make sure you are getting the best price possible for accommodations and flights.  Many changes are coming your way and you should be prepared to make many good choices.  See whichever opportunities make the most sense and check them out.  As long as they seem appropriate, take them as you will be surprised at how fast you will be on the right road to a prosperous future while attracting more positive energy and opportunities. Your personal magnetism attracts many special people into your life which may be long term relationships of both friends and partners. Relationships improve. Everything you touch now turns to gold, so go for it!  Many new opportunities will be given to you so grab them or they will pass you by.

•LEO – July 22 – August 21

Career, education and philosophies are accentuated this month.  Vacations to far away shores are also highlighted for business or personal travel.  Foreigners in some way will come into your life and this is a great time to learn from another culture. Time to rise and shine.  You have so much to accomplish, but may be planning to do it all later since the nice weather is upon us.  Do one or two things daily so at the end of the week or month, you can see that you have accomplished much and will not feel guilty about taking off a day or two to relax and have fun.  You may be thinking in an exceptionally creative way to bring in romantic energy, so just enjoy. There is so much positive energy around you to help you get out, explore, move on, have fun and be in the moment, especially if there are summer time activities around you in which you wish to participate.  Long distance travel seems favored, so why not take a long-needed vacation?  

VIRGO – August 22 – September 21

You are getting more logical, analytical and logical about work.  You don’t want anything to go wrong within your career so you are stepping up and doing “too much” extra work.  Superiors are appreciative of your work, so just keep doing whatever it is you are doing.  You don’t have to strive to be a one person team!  Friends are important now, so make sure you know who are your true friends and who are using you for some reason.  One of the lessons you should learn now is that friends will give you reciprocal energy and help you whenever you need assistance rather than always taking from you.  Weeding out those who exhaust you would be in your best interest.  Many decisions need to be made, so think about them carefully before making them.  Don’t make snap decisions, but once you’ve decided on a course of action, stay with your plan.  Changes in work also seem to be imminent.  This seems like a good time to talk things over at work and at home with those important to you so you both parties are clearly understood.

LIBRA – September 22 – October 22

Friendships, groups, associations, hopes, dreams and wishes are emphasized, so do whatever you can on the eclipse to make a wish list of what you want to happen for yourself and perhaps your partner, family or children, during the next six months.  Be proactive is asking for direction to issues, a path to take for harmonious relationships, or in controlling your finances a little bit better.  Whatever the issue, make a concerted effort to be positive and full of hope on the eclipse so your wishes may come true.  Your decisiveness will be challenged.  Even though you do not have an easy time making decisions, it is imperative that you stop procrastinating and decide in which direction you really want to go. Be assertive, take the risk and move forward. Staying in a procrastination energy field will only attract more negativity and make you feel as if you don’t have any options left.  Much activity seems to push you into many directions that you never thought you would go.  You are just too trusting of everyone, but you must remember that not everyone is as honest as you, so you would be best not to take everyone at their word without question.  Foreign travel, higher education or lectures and classes seem to help you grow in so many ways.

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 20

This is the month that changes come to you for your own best interest.  Perhaps you have felt the changes starting to occur.  You want to look a bit different and think more logically about so many things that are going on in your life.  Picking up new books with interesting topics will also be of interest to you.  Finances may be strained or you are saving for an object or project that is very important to you.  Nevertheless, you should budget your money carefully and only spend what you deem appropriate for the things you need.  Being very determined and persistent will help you get what you want, but you really have to be serious about your goals and objectives.  So many issues seem to be coming up around your financial security and choices that it may seem overwhelming.  You need time for yourself to rejuvenate and relax.  Why not go to a movie or sporting event with your significant other or close friend?  Responsibilities seem to play an important role this month with close friends and family members.  Talk things over, discuss alternatives and then make your decisions about your next step.   

SAGITTARIUS – November 21 – December 20

Money is the issue this month whether you must learn how to spend it or save it properly, dealing with inheritances, or that money is coming into your hands, but just as quickly, it is going out.  Budgets are the best thing for you to follow now.  Family issues keep you in a constant state of flux.  You have so many good intentions and plans that may be thwarted on some level.  You seem to have to take care of many responsibilities and obligations, but in the long run, once you handle these situations now you will have more time to concentrate on your leisure time activities and fun.  It would be extremely important to mend fences or let things go and move on; finally do whatever it is you feel you’ve always wanted to do.  Friends will help you through the rough spots and be available to chat with you about your concerns; they are ready to help you, so allow them to assist you as you have done so many times in the past.

CAPRICORN – December 21 – January 19

Family issues need to be dealt with and resolved.  Knowing that something is wrong within the family structure may not be that easy to believe, but you must get people talking to one another to resolve problems or hurt feelings.  It is a good time to write, read, start new endeavors, learn new programs on the computer and to rest a bit so you can have fun.  Home life and family can be challenging and there is just so much going on that is makes you a bit puzzled about your next steps.  Should you let others handle their issues or should you get involved? Does it make sense for you to try to handle more responsibilities or do you feel that others should take the responsibility for their actions?  Home and business life needs to be balanced.  More quality time seems necessary with those you love.  Your loved ones, especially children, will relish the thought of being able to play with their parent(s) or go on outings together.  This will increase bonding and relationships will change in a most positive way. They will appreciate your effort and try to be more understanding when you once again become the workaholic they are so used to having in their lives.  Have fun and lighten up!

AQUARIUS – January 19 — February 17

Communication is important now so be strong and talk to the person(s) that have offended you or who didn’t understand what you saying a short while ago.  Make things right.  Deal with any hurt feelings (both yours and others) and try to decide how you should handle it.  You are not one for confrontation; however, it would be great to get all of the hurt feelings or misunderstandings out of the way. Career choices and home life seem to be at odds again.  You have too much to do in both areas of life and your health seems to be suffering.  A bit more rest will do wonders for your stamina and general overall health.  Thinking in new creative ways helps you have a flair for redecorating your home or landscaping your property.  You want to surround yourself with peaceful and beautiful things and flowers or a vegetable garden seem to be the answer for now.  You need to reconnect to spirit.  Prayer and meditation will help you find your way. Your energy level is drained, so why are you handling the problems of others?  You need some down time away from everyone else’s issues; you need time to unwind and take care of your own life and the issues that are on your mind.

œPISCES – February 18 – March 19

Home life seems to be the main interest this month.  You should take time to see where you can improve your home or sacred space and make it more cozy and warm.  Do you need to give your home or apartment a facelift?  A new coat of paint can certainly make a dreary room sunny or you can start adding accessories with lively shades that match your color schemes.  This would also be a good time to deal with any leftover situations that have not been clarified or dealt with in some time.  Ignoring them won’t make them go away! Love life can make you crazy if you let it, but if you use your intellect and common sense you will be able to handle anything that comes your way.  Be very clear about your intent and let people know that you want to resolve any unfinished business quickly so that you will be attracting more positive energy into your life rather than negative.  Many changes seem to follow you around and you’re not quite sure what to do.  Relationships do not make sense any longer and you feel as if something has to change.  Your actions do not reflect what you really feel inside your heart and you seem to struggle to understand what it is that you want out of life at this time.  A career change seems likely so you may have a chance to follow your passion.

May Horoscope

Important dates this month:  May Day on the 1st, Cinco de Mayo on the 5th, Mother’s Day on the 14th, Ascension Day on the 25th, Memorial Day on the 29th and Shavuot on the 31st.


Another original fairy tale by Vikki Anderson

Spring was here and the children were playing at the lake for the first time in months.  The winter had been harsh and although they skated upon the mirror like foundation of ice, it was more appealing to them in the spring and summer when they could fish, boat and swim.

The children were from a small town where everyone knew each other and all was safe and secure for the little Everyone in the glen knew how to swim; all knew how to boat and fish.  And the adults of the community had always encouraged safety above all else.

It was for this reason that the children were very upset when they heard cries of help from around the lake.  It was a very small voice.  A youngster’s voice indeed.  “Help, we can’t get out.  Please help us!”  The cries were so frantic and upsetting that the children decided to look around the lake in sections by groups of three.  The cries continued and the children were starting to cry.  “Help us.  Something is holding us down.  We can’t get up.  We can’t see the light.  Please help — anyone — help us!”

One of the oldest girls at the lake ran home, just on the other side of the lake, to get her parents.  They raced down to the awaiting children and also heard the cries for help.  They looked and looked, but couldn’t find anyone.  They searched under the bridge and thought the local troll may have captured one of their kind, but he was asleep.  They asked the water fairies for help and even though they are in competition with the earth fairies at times, they were very obliging and searched the length and depth of the lake to see if any other earth fairy was in trouble.  The earth fairies were puzzled and yet, the little voice cried out over and over again.  “We’re here, please help us.”

All of a sudden, one of the pebbles near the large oak tree slightly moved.  The pebble shaped crystal was about an inch in diameter; it looked quite heavy to move.  All the children helped the parent earth fairies push the crystal to one side after they struggled with it for a few minutes.

Immediately, a beautiful crocus sprung forth with brilliantly colored purple petals and a strong green stem stretching towards the mid-day sun.  One of the tiniest earth fairies anyone had ever seen popped out of the ground brushing himself off of excess dirt and grime.  “I couldn’t help the poor crocus bloom with that boulder in the way.  Thank you all for of your help,” and as quickly as he had appeared, he had vanished!

The children returned to playing near the water and tried to pick up as many “boulders” as they could to help any of the other flower fairies trying to help a bloom reach the sunlight in the rebirth of springtime.

First Quarter 02 12 Leo 52 10:47 PM
Full Moon 10 20 Scorpio 24 05:42 PM
Last Quarter 18 28 Aquarius 14 08:33 PM
New Moon 25 04 Gemini 47 03:44 PM


Planets in the morning sky Mercury, Venus and Saturn
Planets in the night sky Mars and Jupiter
Retrogrades Mercury goes direct on the 3rd, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.
Sun enters Gemini on May 20.


Taurus A fixed, earth sign of negative polarity.
Symbol The bull
Colors Pink and blue
Ruling Planet Venus
Rules The throat, cerebellum, and back part of the brain.
Keywords Stable, practical, materialistic, stubborn, sensual, determined and possessive.


ARIES – March 20 – April 18

You feel on top of the world and want so much for yourself.  Now is the time to go and get what you want. What a wonderful time to start traveling or organizing a vacation for the summer.  Save up your money so you can have a vacation of a lifetime!  It’s also a time to take some classes in an area that you wish to study.  Adult education courses are fun, but your local library may have interesting lectures on subjects in which you may have an interest.   If procrastination comes your way, try to handle these issues one at a time and things will get done in a record amount of time.  Stop being so scattered.  It’s There is a lot of activity and action.  You can’t sit still and need to be on the go!  You may be a little more assertive than usual in getting what you want.  Your impatience keeps you from seeing the big picture and you may lose out on something special.  Friends may ignore your impulsive faux pas but you will notice that you are doing and saying things that may not be in the best interest of everyone involved.  Think before you speak because you may stick your foot in your mouth upon occasion without really knowing it until it’s too late, and don’t jump into things just because they “seem” great.  Wait until you carefully look into each situation by gaining more information or background on a person or circumstance.  Do not take anyone’s word for important matters – again, double check everything and have agreements signed and filed away so you can find and use them in the future if needed. There will be nice changes for the future and possibly some foreign travel (or at least travel over oceans) for you and your family.  You may wish to have some alone time because you handle everything and you are exhausted.  A past emotional event may now be on your mind.

TAURUS – April 19 – May 19

Deciding your future towards your career is paramount now. Many things get in the way of accomplishing your goals and ambitions at this time.  You need to rest, make a plan and start going after your dreams in an organized fashion.  Hectic schedules, late hours and lack of sleep make you fatigued and somewhat irritable. You may be thinking of changing jobs or even careers.  This is a time when you should be absolutely sure about any major changes you want to make.  If you are dissatisfied with work, make sure you find another job before giving notice.  Remember, other companies or jobs may have the same issues as your current position, but you have a history with your firm and probably some kind of seniority.  Just be sure that you really dislike your job so much that you are willing to make an uncertain change.  Do background investigations and talk to people who work there.  It will give you a more accurate view of the company you are likely to interview with and may be employed by.  Try to fit some downtime into your daily life even if it is only for 10-20 minutes.  Towards the end of the month, you do seem to find time to get away for a few days or at the very least have some time to yourself to accomplish many things that have been put on the back burner.  Your creativity and artistic interests are making you feel as if you would like to take another class or just get back into doing something creative.  Be extra careful when spending your hard-earned money since it seems it is going out faster than it is coming back in.  Dealing with children, elements of fun and excitement and games of chance may also be on the agenda.  Just remember not to spend money you do not have as it will come back to haunt you.

GEMINI – May 20 – June 20

This is a time where you feel like meeting new people and also bringing new friends into your life.  It seems as if your friendships are not as close as they once were and you are interested in expanding your circle of friends.  Join local groups, committees and volunteer at your church or organizations that mean a lot to you.  Friends are very important and you reconnect with some of them who you may have lost touch with who were very important to you in the past.  You may go through bouts of indecision and confusion about your future.  Major decisions about a relationship still have to be made although you don’t want to upset the apple cart now.  Once you make up your mind about important decisions, do not change them.  You want to make intelligent and logical decisions, not ones filled with confusing emotions. You need to become more financially secure and even though you are moving in that direction, you really don’t have a clue about all the money you are spending on little things that are adding up and becoming a major expense.  You will be able to become stronger and more grounded with just a little effort.  Have a checkup if you’ve let it slip by.  If anything is found, it will be easily corrected.  Great opportunities to enhance your spiritual studies and life are just ahead of you, possibly by meeting new people in the field or by taking classes that you never thought you would.  Either way, you will be going in a much better direction and feel great peace of mind, body and spirit.

CANCER – June 21 – July 21

A very super-sensitive time for all Cancerians.  You will be thinking a lot about so many things that you may get upset or concerned at all the things you never got to do.  This may be a good time to anchor your religious or spiritual beliefs.  Meditation, prayer or going to yoga or other calming classes or workshops should be looked into to help you relax and think clearly about your responsibilities.  You are trying to fly beneath the radar and would prefer not to be so social. You would like some “alone time” to think about your life, goals, ambitions and dreams.  Think about your life and decide if you are on the same path you thought you would be at this stage of life.  Family life takes up a good deal of your time and you wonder if you are doing the best you can for your family.  It seems you question many things and hope that things will get better, or that you will get greater clarity on your direction and role in this lifetime.  There seems to be many changes on the horizon, but you are unsure of what these changes would do to your life and to those you love.  With your inner strength and confidence, you will be able to make positive decisions and choices now as you finally want the old life (or things from your past) to stay in the past.  Why not think about how you can make a better life for you and your family, handling your job better (or getting a new one, if you are unhappy) and dealing with your romantic partner on a more personal level.  You have much strength to handle anything that comes your way, so go get them, tiger!

LEO – July 22 – August 21

This is the time to shine.  You will get attention from many people for things that you do, whether positive or negative.  The choice is yours to be the best you can be and continue to help your family, friends and others with their issues and worries.  You will be a good sounding board for others who need someone to talk to, but set boundaries so you don’t get exhausted from giving all of your energy away.  Your personality is exuberant and you continue to excel in all of the things that are important to you. You are more interested in education, philosophy and perhaps even foreigner cultures or foreign travel.  If you wanted to plan an overseas trip, this is the time to do your research.  Leos may wish to get a makeover, change their wardrobes and update their look for the soon approaching summer weather.  Family issues make you wonder if you are really from your family.  They just seem to be on another path, but you must compromise and overlook any craziness that occurs.  Siblings may bring you some concern or you may have to help them through an issue.  Offer your guidance, strength, and opinions only when requested.  They are quite sensitive at this time and may not want to talk about things that are too emotional.  If you are without a sibling, it may be a friend who you consider family.  Dedication and patience will get you what you need and want now, but planning your results is always better than taking life as it comes.

VIRGO – August 22 – September 21

Good luck is coming to you through financial gain, prosperity and abundance.  If you are looking or a new job or an additional part time or home based position, this will surely help bring more income.  Try budgeting your finances as they need meticulous attention.  You need to save for particular projects or items, but you like to buy very nice things so the money comes in and goes out just very quickly if you are not careful. You get great ideas about what to do with your family issues and have too many ideas and then get confused.  Pick one or two or let the children decide what they want to do.  Have time for brunch or lunch with close friends that you don’t get to see any longer because of obligations and your busy life.  You are too serious now, so you need to lighten up and find some time for yourself.  If you don’t understand something, take time to look it over.  Take a deep breath and calm down. Do not procrastinate as you seem to be attracting negative energy by your lack of commitment to finish projects or chores.  If you change the way you feel and think about particular subjects (or life in general), things will run more smoothly and you will see that life is going in the right direction for yourself and everyone you care about.

LIBRA – September 22 – October 22

Family issues seem to be resolved and everyone is on the same page now.  Be sure to acknowledge everyone who has compromised.  You are being blessed now with good luck surrounding you, so how will you use it?  This is a perfect time to write that book or the poetry you’ve been meaning to jot down.  It’s an ideal time to communicate with those with whom you have lost touch and try to get to know close friends or family members again. You try so hard to be a good sport about everything, but the energy just isn’t with you now.  You may feel unhappy at times you may feel as if you are being taken for granted.  You may have relationship issues which keep you guessing and feel a bit shaken by recent emotional events.  Your emotions are in a state of flux although you are trying very hard to conceal them from everyone but your most trusted friends.  Playing the strong and independent person, you try to get over any heartache or issues that may have upset you; however, your best friends know you and are waiting to help you if you wish to confide in someone.  Your mind is on overload and you rethink things too much and may even be bringing on insomnia because your mind never rests.  Do not let your thoughts keep you up or run your life.  If you have unsettling thoughts that need to be looked at, write them down on a pad which you should keep next to your bed (or on the nightstand) and then deal with them in the morning.

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 20

Home life may be strained somewhat so it is up to you to overlook the petty issues that are going around and keeping things on an even keel.  Do not get wrapped up in drama and try to see the comical side of things.  Laughter will help you deal with life much easier and it will relax you rather than getting all tied up in knots about things you can’t change.  Be the philosophical person you try to be.  Home life is hectic, you are exhausted and wish you could retire (or at the very least take some time off from your responsibilities and obligations).  Be very careful with your health as you may catch colds because you are not resting as much as you should.  Pamper yourself a little bit or let someone else do it for you as you always do for them.  Relationships may be unpredictable now, but it is a temporary thing.  You should have a date night, spend some time together watching TV or going to the movies and regaining your ability to communicate on an intimate level.  Perhaps starting creative projects or working on your hobbies will bring much needed relaxation.  It seems as if it has been a long time since you’ve created something that you are proud of.  Be sure that your home and career are not at odds.  Your willingness to do what is necessary at work until work is completed is admirable, but are you being appreciated?  Also, you are needed just as much at home, so try for more balance between the two so that everyone is happy with you.

SAGITTARIUS – November 21 – December 20

Fun and romance may have to wait for another month.  Be very careful about what you actually say to a loved one as it may be taken in the wrong light; fighting and unnecessary strife will ensue.  Pay more attention to sports, hobbies or personal interests so that other issues won’t phase you.  Staying busy and active is a good cure to help you decide what you should be involved in and what you shouldn’t.  Fun, children and constant activity is on the horizon for you.  You may be overwhelmed and exhausted because you have not planned out the month very well, so hop to it.  Make sure you write in your day timer or calendar that you need time for yourself or for you and your partner to relax or just have some fun.  Intimate communication may need improvement.  You may need to ask important questions to someone in your family so that you get a proper response.  Don’t guess what is wrong because you may guess incorrectly.  However, communication with others does not seem to be an issue for you since it seems you will talk to anyone about countless topics – you just have so much to tell others that you are very gregarious.  You are funny and do have fun with family and friends; however, be careful not to spend too much money on gambling or speculation because circumstances can seem too good to be true and you just feel so lucky! You may lose something that you were not able to lose, so be sensible about any type of game of chance.  Good luck is helping you get what you want, be sure you know what you truly want.

CAPRICORN – December 21 – January 19

Health matters should be dealt with immediately or perhaps make that doctor appointment that you have been putting aside for another time.  It’s very important that you exercise, eat right and take all of your medications that were prescribed for you and you must listen to whatever advice your doctor or health care professional gives you.  Figuring out if you should stay in a relationship(s) is a very important decision. You finally are deciding to end relationships with people who are takers or who drain you on a continual basis.  You are very much aware that you have been too giving, caring, loving, kind, generous, and honest and doing for others and now you wish to get some reciprocal energy back in return or you are out of the “giving” business!  You want some peace of mind and would like others to understand how much they continue to use you.  Things are blown out of proportion so make sure you are mindful of what you say to others.  Try to be kind, but be firm in letting others know that you are busy as well and need to take care of your own projects and issues as well as family matters before you have any extra time to help others.  You are headed for many changes now so it is good that you start with a clean slate so you don’t have to make good on many promises and not have time for the important things you wish to accomplish for your family and yourself.

AQUARIUS – January 19 — February 17

Relationships both personal and business are highlighted this month.  There is a lot of vitality coming into the marriage house changing the energies around you.  Make sure you are adamant about what you want from a partner or you may be disappointed.  Maybe you would like to meet someone special to become a significant other – so what is stopping you?  Get out there and meet people by attending local events or church functions. Personal and business relationships seem to be leading you on an emotional roller coaster ride.  You feel as if things are going well, but you may have some reservations.  Take a chance so you can have some fun and relaxation.  You deserve it as you have been helping others for a very long time and need some karmic payback chips.  You may be thinking of changing jobs or going for additional training or certifications to get to the next level.  This is a wonderful idea.  You should be happy at your place of business.  If this is not the case, you need to change jobs.  It seems to be draining the life out of you.  It is not a positive environment any longer and some changes need to be made, or you may have to find employment elsewhere.  Some Aquarians are actually thinking of starting their own home based businesses as well which would also be a positive move in the right direction.  Love life is going in a much better direction and your emotions are finally coming to grips with new romantic partners.  Thinking about your future with new positive energy and optimism is really the way to go.  Things will start becoming easier and better for you than they have been in the near past.  You are taking control of your life and will be very happy that you’ve done so.

PISCES – February 18 – March 19

Money issues may be confusing so take the time you need to figure out your finances and all of the obligations that you need to handle.  Planning a budget will be a good start to help you deal with these responsibilities and will lessen the financial burden from your shoulders.  Your partner may have some secrets from you, but it could be because (s)he does not want to alarm or worry you.  Try to start an open dialog with him/her to see if there is anything that you should truly be aware of or if you can help in any way.  Sometimes all someone needs to make things right is to have a loved one listen to them without being judged for their feelings or thoughts.  This is an extremely creative or artistic time so if you are into “the arts” or want to do something creative – this is the time to do it. It will bring you much peace of mind and recreation that you will feel revitalized. It can also be a time where addictions need to be looked at whether it is smoking, drinking, drugs, or food, etc.  Try to live a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating right. You can also have fun with this by walking around the neighborhood with a friend and catch up on gossip or information about your friend or neighbors that you have missed.  Changing your attitude about certain topics or situations in your life will help you move past some hurts and get you on the emotional road to recovery quicker than you thought possible. __________________________________________________________________________________

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