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April Horoscopes

by Vikki Anderson

Important dates this month:  All Fool’s Day (April Fools) on the 1st, Palm Sunday on the 9th, Passover on the 11th, Good Friday on the 14th, Easter Sunday on the 16th, Emancipation Day on the 17th, Tax Day on the 18th, and Earth Day and the April Lyrids Meteors on the 22nd.

Spring Has Sprung

Isn’t it great that we don’t have to schedule our chores and errands around the cold wintery weather any longer?  The worst that can happen is that it might rain but an umbrella takes care of that problem.  The rain is helping the grass grow and the flowers bloom to welcome in the new season for all of us.  Soon, we will have a plethora of flowers in rainbow colors brightening up the world and making each day one in which we feel obliged to smile at their beauty.  And this in turn, makes our day happier and more positive.

Spring is a wonderful time to start cleaning out the yard, opening up the windows and letting the new fresh air of spring inside of your home and life.

With the new energy of the season, it is important to clear out the old stale energy from the winter and breathe new life into your environment.

Here are a few ways to bring in positive energy into your yard and home.

  1. Place a small bird bath or water fountain near the front entrance.
  2. Hang beautiful chimes from trees, your deck or house gutters for a melodious sound to relax and calm you while you are outside.
  3. Hang up whirl-i-gigs to promote positive chi to circulate around your property and remove any stagnant areas of dead or dying chi.
  4. Plant bulbs, annuals, perennials in bright colors.  Follow the Bagua colors to correctly place the right color in the right area of your yard or garden.
  5. Burn white sage throughout your home, closets, bathroom, cellar, attic and around the house to ensure negative energy or negative chi is removed while keeping your windows in your home open to allow the negativity to escape from your surroundings.
  6. Place 60 MM aurora borealis round crystals in windows that get the morning sun so that rainbows will dance on your ceiling and walls.  Each room should have many colors in it for balanced energy.
  7. Get rid of things you no longer need, want or like, so that you will have a clutter free space to enjoy and come home to each evening without feeling overwhelmed by the clutter.
  8. A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for your space and your mood.  Choose the proper color for the area of the ba gua you are painting; if you can’t, add a few decorative touches like pillows, books, candleholders, statues or paintings with the required colors in them.
  9. Let the light into your home.  Put up sheer curtains or pleated shades that can be opened from the top or bottom so you can maximize the sunlight and feel re-energized.

Any new additions or changes you bring into your home or yard will energize you and your whole family for the upcoming season.

First Quarter             03 14 Cancer 12 02:39 PM
Full Moon              11 21 Libra 33 02:08 AM
Last Quarter             19 29 Capricorn 32 05:57 AM
New Moon             26 06 Taurus 27 08:16 AM
Planets in the morning sky Mercury from the 29th, Venus, Jupiter thru the 7th and Saturn.
Planets in the night sky Mercury thru the 12th, Mars, and Jupiter from the 7th.
Retrogrades Mercury from the 9th, Venus goes direct on the 15th, Jupiter all month, Saturn goes Rx on the 5th, and Pluto goes Rx on the 20th.
Sun enters Taurus on April 19th.


Aries The Ram
Symbol Ram with lowered head and blindly charging.
Colors Reds
Ruling Planet Mars
Rules The head
Keywords Aggressive, straightforward, impulsive, adventurous, and active.


ARIES – March 20 – April 18

This is a truly great time to get your life in order.  Follow some of your dreams that you never had time for in the past; deal with issues on the job.  Are you really happy in your career?  Is it time to start a new adventure in your life?  Should you go for more educational studies to do exactly the job you want to do until you retire? Or are you ready to retire but are afraid that there won’t be enough money to get you through?  There are so many questions you are asking yourself now about your life and not only about work.  Home life seems to be going in a good direction, but is there something else you would like to add to it.  Perhaps redecorating for the new spring season may be important to you.  It may rejuvenate and motivate you to do all the things you have only dared to dream.

TAURUS – April 19 – May 19

You may find yourself thinking too much about things you can’t change or events from the past which may interfere with your sleep.  Your mind is racing and until you make some type of commitment to whatever it is you want in life (or a particular goal), this may continue.  It would be in your best interest if you stopped procrastinating as well.  Get those things done so positive energies and opportunities can stick to you.  Partnerships are being tested so perhaps you should find out if there are any issues within the relationship that you would like to address.  Everything will come out positive in the end.  Perhaps someone is not letting their true feelings known to a partner or close friend.  Remedy the situation.

GEMINI – May 20 – June 20

You seem very emotional and sensitive now and you find yourself doing a lot of thinking about all areas of life.  You want to be able to have more fun, but you also want to finish projects.  You want to and need to be off on your own for a little while to decide what you want to do with your life.  You have wonderful ideas about your future, but you are hesitant to put your ideas into practice.  Health issues need to be taken care of as soon as you discover them or they may turn into something more serious.  Home life is doing okay and your home seems to be your refuge now, but there is something missing in your life.  Is it a purpose?  Another person?  A partner? Try to decide what you need to make your world complete and then start going after it.  You will be much happier in the end if you take action now.

CANCER – June 21 – July 21

This is a time for so many changes but you are unsure in which direction you should go first!  Start with yourself.  If there is something you would like to change about yourself regarding your attitude, your appearance, or your environment, etc., why don’t you deal with those issues.  You will be much happier if you act now.  Career may be changing whether you want it to or not, so see what you have to do to make your work life stable and secure. Can you finish a project you pushed to the side?  Are there any positive changes you can make to save the company money?  Are you interested in starting your own business?  Partnerships may be difficult at times, but with a logical mind and calm demeanor, you can accomplish anything.  Don’t be so super sensitive now.  That won’t help anyone.

LEO – July 22 – August 21

Finances are on your mind again.  How are you going to pay for this or that?  Should you buy a new purse, dress, outfit, furniture or whatever?  It is time that you keep what you have and make it work.  There are many second-hand furniture and clothes shops if you really need to buy something now.  Do not go over your budget counting on your next pay check to fill in the gap of the money you spent without budgeting or planning for it.  Work continues to go well and you may get a raise or promotion if you apply yourself now.  Make others aware of your plans to make work more streamlined or efficient.  You will reap the rewards.  Even though you may not always be in a positive frame of mind this month, just know that things are formulating for you to make a new life for yourself with your goals and aspirations coming true.

VIRGO – August 22 – September 21

You seem very busy, but may not be getting much done.  You almost feel as if you are a hamster on a hamster wheel going around and around.  Make a plan and stick with it.  Do one or two things per day and at the end of the week or month, look at all you have accomplished.  Taking some time for rest and relaxation is important.  You are pushing yourself too far too fast.  Why not take time out of your busy day and read a magazine, take a walk, meditate or get a cat nap.  You can always get a timer at the dollar store and take a nap in your car at lunch time with plenty of time to get back to your desk on time.  Walking around the block or perhaps your company’s parking lot is also very therapeutic and gives you fresh air which helps your brain focus on the issues at hand.  Expressing yourself in art, science, or mathematics, etc., would also make you feel a great deal of accomplishment.

LIBRA – September 22 – October 22

Balance is the issue as usual. You are doing quite well in all areas of life and even though there may have been some tiny setbacks, you come out the winner in almost every scenario.  You are blessed and have good fortune on your side now so do whatever it is you need to do to continue to make yourself happy.  Finding issues at work confuses you since you thought everything was going well, but it is not an important concern.  Just do your job to the best of your ability and you will be fine.  Partnerships can be tricky so be sure you are listening to what is being said rather than what you want to hear.  Being yourself keeps you centered and focused on what is really important in life.  Strive for your dreams so you can have everything you desire.

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 20

There is so much going on in your life now.  There are things that need your attention and there are people who need to know they are important to you.  Remember to thank those who help you or do little things for you.  Your thanks will go a long way.  Loyalty is very important now.  Be strong and stay on the right side of the argument if you must get involved.  Integrity defines who you really are, so stay strong and do what’s right even when no one is looking.  Your attention to detail is legendary; however, now is a time where you may feel like resting or taking it easy.  Your drive is a bit slower but I encourage you to finish what you’ve started and make a list of things you want to do for the future.  You can accomplish anything you want to, so make plans to do your best and to accomplish wonderful things for your family, friends and yourself.

SAGITTARIUS – November 21 – December 20

This is a really busy time for you as you plan to do a million things at once.  You are thinking of studying a new field perhaps or a new modality to broaden your horizons.  Volunteering is also something that you may wish to look into, whether it’s in a hospital, church, animal shelter or the like.  You feel as if you can be of service to others now and want to help.  Sagittarians have many unexpected adventures ahead of them which will change their opinions on some matters.  It is a time for fun, traveling, doing something different and being curious about life.  This is a time for dealing with home life issues so that your future is more secure and you won’t have to guess about anyone’s intentions.  Deal with things that you pushed on the back burner since you can’t move forward if you have a lot of unfinished business from the past.

CAPRICORN – December 21 – January 19

Partnerships play an important part of your month now.  This is not only romantic partnerships, but those with friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances and neighbors.  You have been doing too much for so many people that it is time for you to change your strategy and let others do things for you.  That’s a new concept, isn’t it?  You should only have to help certain people and you really have to learn how to say no to those who abuse your good nature.  Tell them you are busy and will call again when you are free.  Have a chore for them to do in return when they ask for your help.  In that way, they may stop asking you to do things for them because they don’t want to help you back!  Changes, upheavals and drama can change some relationships, but whichever ones are leftover will be the ones made of gold.

AQUARIUS – January 19 — February 17

Taking care of so many things overwhelms you.  Be uncharacteristic and do one thing at a time and finish it rather than starting so many new projects which go undone.  Updating wills, taxes, important papers, NDRs, and power of attorney paperwork will take a little time, but will be appreciated if something unexpected happens.  Money issues may be of a small worry, but you know there is money coming in so stop making money a concern.  It will work itself out in the end.  Career continues to be busy, but it is a secure job, so unless you are offered the job of a lifetime with a great salary, benefits and perks, stay at your current employment for a while longer.  It’s a job you can do in your sleep, but you benefit your co-workers by staying there.

PISCES – February 18 – March 19

Spirituality or esoterica is important now.  You want to expand your mind and understand so many things.  Creativity, art, science and anything that interests you will help you relax and will extinguish that thirst for knowledge.  You may be interested in traveling or setting up plans for the summer or fall and it would be a good time to go on a much needed and wanted vacation.  Being under stress is not good for anyone, so it is important that you allot time to rest, play, meditate or walk around the neighborhood to release some of the stress that clings to you.  A healthy diet and exercise will help you work around this and make you feel one hundred times better in all that you do.  Some karmic lessons may find their way into this month, so learn the lesson so you don’t have to repeat it again and again in other lifetimes.


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