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Mercury Retrogrades 2017

Mercury Retrograde happens three to four times per year, for approximately 3 weeks plus or minus with each instance. When the planet Mercury slows down, it appears to stop and move backward from a particular place on earth. It’s an optical illusion, since there is always forward movement of the planets; however, it appears to go backward.

When Mercury is in retrograde, communication and travel is negatively affected. You should not sign contracts or start new projects/new jobs and should be very cautious when driving. This would be a good time to be a defensive driver. Trips can be delayed or you may have to cancel. Mercury Rx does give us a chance to rest, relax and catch up with projects that have been overwhelming or unclear. It gives you time to rethink anything that wasn’t working in the past. When the planet is in an air sign, Libra, then the focus will be on inventing, new ideas, writing new articles or subject matter, refreshing your viewpoint or creative ideas. There is so much that you can change during this Rx.

A major cause of stress during Mercury retrograde is frustration from mishaps, such as things breaking down or computers getting the most mysterious or baffling viruses or issues. But we know it’s cycle, so it is easy to see the light at the end of the tunnel, usually a three week period and it’s over until the next one. This would also be a good time to change your routine as people who are in a rut need to find another path or another way of handling their issues or concerns. Air signs make you think, reconsider and rediscover new ways of handling concerns and issues.

Just observe and see what happens, and be open to the past returning for review. If it’s coming back, there’s likely something more to learn or release from it. This can be a good (and productive) time, in its own way.

Reflection of your life, your plans and relationships is always good during this time as well as de-cluttering your home or place of business.

Mercury Retrograde does not have to be a big deal. It wakes us up to things that need our attention and helps us prioritize our life so that we can accomplish many more positive results in the near future.

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Happy Mercury Retrograde!