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May 2018 Horoscopes

Important Dates:  May 1, May Day; May 5, Cinco de Mayo; May 10, Ascension Day; May 13, Mother’s Day; May 16, Ramadan begins; May 20, Shavuot, Pentecost and Whit Sunday; and May 28, Memorial Day.

Feng Shui Garden Tips

Spring time is here and most of us want to clean out our yards and gardens for the upcoming summer season. Here are tips to help you Feng Shui your garden and bring positive energy into your environment.

Image result for simple bagua photographs

(You may use the bagua from your front door and lay it over your space to see where the areas fall within your home or you can use it at the entrance of your garden or property!)

Flowers raise an abundance of universal and cosmic energy known as chi, but one must keep the energy well balanced for positive results. Dead plants cause shar chi (negative energy) to stagnate over your yard, garden or home. Using organic compounds instead of chemicals goes without saying; we want to assist nature and not poison Mother Earth. Instead of agonizing over the dandelions that nature provides us each year, why don’t we revel in their sunny yellow faces that bring good health for you and your family.  (It also will help the declining bee population who don’t have enough to eat!)

There are several ways of approaching placement of the bagua to enhance your land. The bagua is an octagon shaped floor plan that can be used over your property to find the appropriate colors and shapes for each of the nine areas.  The most powerful way is to mentally super-impose the bagua over your entire yard. Then, you would plant the appropriate colors and shapes in each area. You can use several bagua areas throughout the property, such as for a small garden or wildflower area, or for your entire property.

You could add chi enhancing flowers in the areas that correspond with issues that are of concern to you. Use your driveway to align the bagua entering your property.

There are a variety of special flowers associated with each gua.

  1. Purple butterfly bushes attract butterflies which can enhance the Wealth area of your property. Spring time hyacinths, purple petunias, or asters could also be used. A holly bush in this area brings prosperity.
  2. Snapdragons call the etheric dragons to the Health and Family area of the bagua. Sage gives the area lots of energy. You can then dry the sage and use it for smudging, meditation or prayer sessions.
  3. Blue hydrangea and blue delphinium are great additions to the Knowledge area, as are tulips, peppermint, and spearmint.
  4. Black knight iris is a great conversation starter for a lovely spring day. Although it isn’t black, basil planted in the career area can bring fortitude.
  5. Dusty miller, fescue silver lining or silver artemisia in shades of gray can fortify the Helpful People gua.
  6. White peonies or chrysanthemums, two Chinese favorites, are great additions to plant in the Children and Creativity area. Don’t forget the daisy as these cheery little flowers can brighten anyone’s day.
  7. The pink rose will bless the Love and Marriage gua, but don’t overdo it! More than three bushes on an average size property can cause relationships to become too thorny. Balance this area, as well as the others, with different sized and shaped plants by adding pink dianthus or geranium.
  8. There are many varieties of red flowers available for the Fame and Reputation area. Pick a flower that you feel is beautiful and that resonates with your energy. The Firecracker is a pretty and hearty plant.
  9. The center of the bagua is the earth and health area which is represented by yellows and earth tones. Marigolds are not looked upon favorably from a Feng Shui perspective, so choose another flower. Lemon verbena can be recycled into potpourri when dried. Who can resist the simple beauty of a golden pansy?

When planting, it is important to declare your intentions as to what you would like these flowers to bring into your life. Thank the Earth Gods, the fairies, the angels, Spirit or whomever you believe in, for their part in the upcoming beauty, and add the whimsy of a windsock, whirl-i-gig or chime to get the chi moving to attract more positive opportunities. In a few short weeks, you will enjoy the majesty of butterflies, fireflies, bees and other wildlife which also enhances the flow of positive chi.



Last Quarter 07 17 Aquarius 27 10:09 PM
New Moon 15 24 Taurus 36 07:48 AM
First Quarter 21 01 Virgo 02 11:49 PM
Full Moon 29 08 Sag 10 10:19 AM
Planets in the morning sky Mercury thru the 29th; Mars, Jupiter until the 9th and Saturn.
Planets in the night sky Venus, and Jupiter from the 9th.
Retrogrades Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all month.
The sun will go into Gemini on May 20.


ARIES – March 20 – April 18

Decide in which direction you want your life to go and start working towards it a little each day.  Things that aren’t working in your life are getting you frustrated, so just let them go and deal with them as best you can.  Yes, you have a million excuses why you can’t, but if you look at the big picture, it will show you that happiness and contentment lie ahead of you if you make the proper adjustments and changes in your life now!  Travel could be fun, so plan a getaway.

TAURUS – April 18 – May 19

There seems to be many aggravations, miscommunications and concerns around you, especially at work.  If you feel things in your career are not going well for you, perhaps a meeting with an employer would be appropriate.  Find out what you are doing right and wrong and fix what you can.  Changes may be coming in the work environment, so as long as you do what you can to make life easier for all involved at the workplace, you will be fine.  Be adamant about your desires and goals. 

GEMINI – May 20 – June 20

There are so many wonderful opportunities coming for you.  Embracing these changes will make your life more blissful and satisfied.  Join groups of like-minded people so you can either learn new things or mentor others.  Your expertise is needed.  Gems are too scattered to focus on what is important now, so prioritize and organize your life. Think of what you want to accomplish and don’t stop until you have reached your goal(s).  A bit more fun in your life would be a wonderful thing.

CANCER –  June 21 – July 21

You have much to think over.  Additional education may be helpful to get you going in the right direction.  Traveling is also a possibility since you are getting antsy and want to explore new places and meet new people after the winter months.  You may want to try to do many things you never tried in the past, so get out and do something fun and relaxing.  Take up new hobbies or crafts that will bring you pleasure.  Don’t let negative thinking keep you from accomplishing your dreams.

LEO –  July 22 – August 22

You have much more energy and are dynamic now.  Go out and conquer the world.  You may have started taking various classes of interest or are thinking about it.  You need excitement, new things, to learn and to find your own space now rather than helping everyone else.  This is an excellent time for you to take care of yourself.  If you don’t do it, who else will?  You will be nurtured by being more grounded, secure, stable and focused. 

VIRGO –  August 23 – September 21

You are trying to get things in order, fix your finances and try to budget more than ever before to get that perfect purchase – a car, vacation, home, etc., and you will succeed as your perseverance is strong and you are determined to get what you want.  You will be tested again and pushed on many interesting paths.  Don’t give up.  Saturn always teaches you a lesson that benefits you in later life, so be strong, learn the lesson and use the gained knowledge to help with future decisions and goals.

LIBRA –  September 22 – October 22

Communicating your wishes and desires with those you love is an important step to getting what you want now.  Home life will calm down and things will run more smoothly, but there seems to be so many projects and chores that need to be completed that you may tend to be a bit frazzled.  Love life improves if you stand up for yourself as much as you stand up for others.  Partnerships seem positive although there will always be some romantic fantasy or illusion around you.  See reality of each situation. 

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 21

Home life takes center stage as you get things done.  Make a list and stick with it a little each day and your responsibilities will fade so that you will have much more time for fun with family and friends.  Don’t let obligations keep you from relaxing – it’s time to get back into those hobbies that may have gone by the wayside over the winter.  Taking care of your yard and home projects is very important, so ask your family to help out with other smaller chores so that you are all working together and getting things done quickly. 

SAGITTARIUS – November 22 – December 20

You are very playful and mischievous. You have decided that you want to get back to doing the things that make you happy whether it’s your hobbies, interests, or reuniting with old friends and family that have not been in your life for some time.  You are also very interested in games, fun, challenges and getting out and doing something more than handling your responsibilities.  Your emotions are very strong, so be sure that you stay calm when dealing with a partner. 

CAPRICORN – December 21 – January 18

What a great time to finally start getting back into the swing of things with your diet and exercise regime.  Take a walk around the neighborhood, walk your dog (if you have one), eat more healthily and everything else will fall into place.  Any negativity will be a thing of the past.  You will have more energy and an interest in accomplishing many things now.  You are getting rid of the old and inviting the new into your life.  What an exciting time.

AQUARIUS –  January 19 – February 17

Love life will give you a run for your money, so see through all the fantasy and deal with reality.  Many issues at work may be unsettling, so if you can ask someone in authority about your concerns, do it to help relieve your mind.  You may feel like doing many new things, but you are in a procrastination mode as well, so balance in all things is advised. Take on smaller tasks so that you feel as if you are accomplishing more and will be motivated to stay on track. 

PISCES – February 18 – March 19

Dealing with financial issues, especially spending money (and your partner’s) is a big issue.  Prioritizing house and personal projects is important.  This is a positive time to figure out where you want to go for vacation or if you wish to take a day or weekend getaways instead.  You may also want to go to school, for additional training or certification courses.  Things may be blown out of proportion, so don’t get into arguments with those you love – try to see the whole picture and see things from their perspective as well. 


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